Monday, October 17, 2011

Kenny Roger Roasters

Last Saturday, we went to Johor Bahru as RY need to do some banking errands.
We left home at about 8.30am and reached JB Maybank about 9.15am.
I would say traffic at both SG and MY custom was pretty smooth since it was early.

After his banking errands, we drove off to Tesco at Tebrau City which was about 20 mins drive from the woodlands causeway.

We did some grocery shopping and soon it was lunch time.
The choice of food is limited in Tesco vicinity, I.e. Food court, 2 Jap restaurant and a western restaurant, which is Kenny Roger Roasters (KRR).
The last time we had KRR was more then 12 years ago in Sunway Pyramid in KL.
We were curious of how it taste now so we decided to have our meal there.
Actually we were rather skeptical initially as the restaurant was empty with no customer and the staff was not seen mending the counter.

We self service and get ourselves the menue, and find a comfy seats to settle down.
After about 10 mins, a waiter came to take our order.
I had a Quarter chix meals with 3 side dishes which consisted of coleslaw, salad & macaroni with cheese (choice of salad, fruits, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, macaroni with cheese and rice) and the sauce I chose was black pepper, while RY had similar but chosen Original mushroom sauce for his chix.
The meals come with a muffin, mine was Banana and RY's was Vanila.

We were pretty impressed with the quality of food since Chix was pretty tender and juicy.
Usually breast meat are tough, but not for the KRR roasted chix.
The sauces were also yummy.
The muffins were moist and tasty too.

The quarter chix meal cost RM16.50 which I feel is pretty reasonable for the quality of food.
You can read more about Kenny Roger Roasters here :

I don't think there is any KRR outlet in SG but I certainly hope that the Berjaya group will consider introducing the roasted chix to SG for a healthier choice of fast food, rather then restricting to the fried chix!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He Loves Me!

Just few days ago, I suddenly had the craving to eat Nonya Kueh (local snack usually make from coconut milk) as have not been eating for sometimes.

We were having home cooked dinner last Thurs and I casually commented that it d be nice if we can have a few pieces of the Nonya Kueh as dessert.

My love was so obliging and he went to get from Bengawan Solo immediately after dinner.
The Kueh was sweet and nice and the thought that my love specially went to get for me made it sweeter!
I know he truly loves me ........

Frugal Life Style

When I first decided to quit my job, I knew very well that our life style will be impacted.

True enough, I am very careful in every cent I spend, unlike previously, I d spent on expensive jewelleries, bags, shoes, clothes with no hesitations.
Now, shopping means window shop with no purchasing!
Even weekend meals now with RY are in food courts and hawker centre, unlike last time we used to have expensive meals every weekends
The only time we splurged was the weekend when I first came back to SG and really missed the Italian food at Casa Roma along Bt Timah Rd.

Maybe we will go for restaurant food once a month ....... Or when there's a reason or occasion to celebrate.

Despite being jobless, I still give my parents monthly allowance.
I d rather thrift on myself then to stop their allowance totally!

Is it hard to imagine that the once materialistic high flying & income executive is leading such a frugal life style now?

I admit that sometimes I do miss the "ability & freedom" to spend (the 5 figured monthly salary had enabled me to lead a very comfortable live previously) but I do appreciate the simple live I am having now as it is pretty stress free!

Currently, the only "stress" is to think of what to cook for dinner" and wonder if the food will turn out well!