Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Hair

Hey many people complimented about my new hair cut and they think I look younger and stylish!

Well I've also invest in new wardrope which add to the "stylishness" ........

When we saw the Doctor last Sat, while waiting for the Doc, RY was wondering if the doc remember who I'm since he may not recognise me in such a shor hair...........

Hair washing is really quick and easy now and hair also dry very speedy too.........

In 2 weeks time, I'll have a hair cut to maintain the "shortness" ............

I'm still really FAT

My weight is still at 50kg and there's no sign of slimming down despite my regular run - 3 to 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks.

Hopefully I can see some result 2 months later.

Mooncake Festival Party

I'm going to organise a mooncake festival party at my house this coming Sat.

I've to get food to feed 10 paxs including RY and myself (it should consist of mum, 2nd sis, 4th sis and family and 5th sis & siew mun zai).
I inted to get finger food for the dinner -4 large pizza, 3 boxes of mooncake (yam, durian and a fusion flavour), chips, drinks etc.

Dinner should start at 7pm and then proceed to garden to play with lantern kids.

Why do I suddenly wanna organise a party?
My 2nd baby is supposed to be due on 9 Sept this month and Oct supposed to be her full moon celebration.
So I'd like to have a party to sort of "remember" the joy of my pregnancy wen I carried her and at the same time, try to instill some happy mood to cheer myself up.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Favourite Nephew

Yep, I've a favourite nephew and we call him Siew Mun Zai (transated from cantonese and it means Son of Brother Mun - my BIL's name is Mun so his son is called siew mun zai hor).

Siew Mun Zai (SMZ) is 8 years old this year and he's such a great kid that I wish I've son like him.
His playful but still respectful of the elders instruction and filia to help out with some simple housework.

My BIL stays and works in HK while my sis and SMZ stay in SG with my mun and they'll go back to HK every June and Dec school holidays.

I usually go to mum's for dinner and will spend sometime with him and before I leave, SMZ will give me a big bug and kissess, which I told him he should continue to hug us even when he grows up.
I know truly well that as the childen grow up, we'll be drifted apart gradually...........

SMZ is curious about computer and internet and is currently exploring with computer now and I hope he wont get addicted or mix with any bad company in the internet.

He was the one who introduced me to Pet Society game in the Facebook and when I've any issue with it, I'll consult him.

Actually I love all the children - nieces and nephews but he'll always be the really special one...........

RY is jealous about my love to SMZ and I've to assure him that the kind of love I've on him is different from the love I gave him.

Claypot Rice

Today after the TCM visit, RY brought me to Joot Chiat temple to pray and then we proceeded to Gelang Lor 33 for the famous Claypot Rice.

We had a claypot rice portion for 2 paxs, one stir fried long beans and a bottle of home make crysanthemum tea with bao shen.
The total cost was $23.

It's a really good lunch.

But frankly speaing, I should not be eating such oily food as I'm in the quest of slimmer figure.

I was so guilty that I went for my jogging in the evening (after napping for 2 hours in the afternoon).

TCM Accupunture

RY brought me to the TCM - Dr Z to do accupuncture.
I think Dr Z is a good doc as she seemed to have many successful case of couple who have baby.
Today I overheard her conversation with a couple to had twins and I'm really envious.
I wanna have baby of my own too.

I informed Dr Z about my delayed mens and she had suggested chinese herbs to induce it to come.
I told her I'd like to wait till next week to monitor.

The heat lamp which she shine on my tummy makes me really comfy and nearly fall asleep.

I believe I'm in good hand ...........
Looking forward for the bright future ahead ...........

Doctor's Review

Yesterday the doc informed that I'm healing well from the surgery and he asked me what do I intend to do, should I do another of IVF?
I told him I dont know and asked him to advise me since he's an expert.
He then suggested that I do a HSG test when my mens come this time and he shall review in 2 months time and decide what to do next.

During the ultra sound v-scan, he informed that I still have a fibroid in the womb but think the position is not critical to have it remove now.
RY heard him saying I've  eggs in my ovary.
The doc asked if we've been trying naturally and I told him "No and never" and he asked "why we didnt try".
It was kinda embarassing to tell the truth since RY and myseld had no mood so I told him cos I was on biz trave; (which was partly true as I was in Manila last week).

I told him I can feel the pre-menstral syndrome - the bloatedness and tireness has made me dam "sianz" ....... so I asked if I should take any medication to induce it.
Doc said no and I should continue to wait for another 2 weeks.
If mens still didnt come after 2 weeks then e-mail him for the prescription.

This doc is hardly chatty and yesterday he seemed to be in unusual good mood and he even joked with RY about the air-con drips and the 9 million TOTO (oh I didnt win anything).

I think he's a good doctor but just a really busy one who hardly time enough time to give full/ good attention to all his patients.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Doctor follow-up

This morning is my doctor review after 1 mth of D&C ..........
I'm not sure what the doc will tell me, but hopefully he tells me good and nice things .........

I dont really like this doctor cos he's always busy and difficult to get his appointment.
Also he's very frank in his words which may be hurtful sometimes.
You may ask me why I stick to him?
Well, he's a famous fertility expert and with his help, I managed to get pregy thrice ........ but he also performed my D&C three times ..........

I'll also want to get my Histrology report to make insurance claim on the miscarriage insurance policy which my company's insurance covers.

I'll update about my doctor's review later.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Need to Lose Weight

I've started jogging since 13 Sept but I still dont see any reduction in my weight.
I've been running Sun, Mon, Tue and then Sat and today Mon, but still no change in the weighing scale.

What should I do to lose 5kg in 3 months?

Maybe I should also diet, eat really small meals and no snackng.

I'm still 50kg as at this morning ...........
I'd like to go back to 45kg range, and it would mean really hard work.

I shall update on my latest weight next week.

Learning Chinese

RY is attending chinese lesson learning mandarin.

Being a Malaysian, RY is educated in Malayu and English.
His mum had engaged a chinese tutor to teach him mandarin when he was young but he cant comprehend the langauge.
He cant speak well, hardly able to read and write chinese.
He can only speak really simple and basic chinese and if you were to use the 4 or more letter chinese idioms, you can really confuse him.

Hopefully this chinese course can help him master the language.

On the hand, I can converse, read and write chinese very well since I'm born and educated in SG.
In fact when i go library, I'll usually borrow chinese novels or megazines.

Looking forward to share my chinese reading material with RY.........

RY is a Stubborn Boy

RY is a really stubborn boy.
He just wont admit his mistake and misjudgement.

I get really angry when he refuse to admit his mistake.

How can I get along with him the rest of my live?
Should I pretend to be stupid and not pin point his mistake?

Its not easy to maintain a relationship, especially when you're staying together.

KL Trip during Hari Raya Holiday

We (RY) and myself drove off to KL last Sat to settle his KL condo related mater.

We arrived his condo at 9.30am and went to the mgt office to pay the water bill.
RY's BIL (AY) brought a subcontractor to view the unit to check on the fixing work.
AY also brought some worker to help clear the unwanted mass (old cabinets, matteresses etc).

We then went to the Bak Kuet Teh store outside the condo for lunch.
It was really yummy ...........

We then went to check into Park Royal Hotel in Jln Bt Bintang.

This time the hotel upgraded us to a deluxe room on the 21st floor (highest).
It was so much better then the previous superior room on 11 floor.
We believe this is due to the previous complaint lodged over the lousy room given to us during our last visit.

At about 3pm I went to the gym for a 5km run and relax at the pool side and only return to room for shower at 4.30pm.
Shower and soak in the hot bath tub to relax my tired body.

We went to Sungei Wang to change some RM and then proceeded to Pavillion to shop.
I managed to buy 2 paris of Make for Seven Man Kind jeans from Parkson at RM60 per pair.
It was a great buy since the original price was about RM250 and I think it's about SGD300 in Spore.

We had dinner at Republic foodcourt in the basement - had Hokkien mee and fried kway teoh.

We went back to hotel at about 10pm.

The next morning (Sun), we had breakfast and then we went to RY's condo to test out the keys.
We met up AY & family for Hari Raya lunch at Hilton PJ.
The buffest spread is pretty impressive but I didnt eat much since I'm not a fan of buffet.

We went to do more shopping in Pavillion again as I was thinking of buying a 3rd pair of jeans but upon 2nd thought, I didnt buy it.
We proceeded to Sungei Wang for some shopping and we saw TCS star - Quan Yi Feng in Watson.
She was really slim.

Then we had our dinner in Sungei Wang basement HK cafe for freid mee hoon and crispy noodle with prawn.
It was really yummy.

The next morning, we had breakfast at 8am and then set off for SG at 10am and due to the massive traffic, we only reach SG custom at 2pm.
It was really ridiculour, the custom agent left us stranded in the lane leading to the counter and then put up a barricade to block us from going into the counter.
The officer then close off his counter and go off.
RY gotta drive really skillfully to move his car to another lane.

We finally cross the custom and had lunch at Jurong West - RY had fish mee hoon while I ate ban mien.
Home sweet home at 3.30pm.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back from Manila

I came back from Manila yesterday.
This trip is really tiring since didnt sleep well - the pillow is not nice (too soft) and the air-con is too cold (already set to 30'c still freezing).

Every morning ate breakfast at 7.45am till 8.30am - very good spread in Shangrila.
Lunch was some catered food in office (fried chix, pasta, meat balls etc) ........
Dinner on the 1st night was Jap in hotel, sashimi, shabu shabu, tempura etc......
Dinner on 2nd night was also Jap but in a shopping mall near-by and we (5 paxs) shared a combo consist of sashimi, fried rice, sushi, teppanyaki beef, tempura.
Dinner on 3rd night was western grilled beef ribs, it was really nice (big boss was there)............

Yesterday I'd left office at 11.30am to catch a 2pm flight home.
I didnt have lunch (merely a banana which I brought from hotel) and had the air plane meal (I chose pasta with chix) and dinner was a Pola Chix pie I tah pau from airport.

Reached home at 7pm then went downstair to burn the offering for the last day of hungry ghost festival (the actual last day should be today, as I'll be going out, I've done the praying and offering early).
Did laundry and waited for RY to come back, but he only reach home at about 2am .........

This morning managed to wake up at 6.30am but RY was too tired and only managed to be awake at 7am.
We R&R and finally leave house for office at 8.15am and I reach work at 8.45am (I usually arrive work at 7.45am).

Tonight meeting my old secondary classmate for dinner in Ion and to collect my clothes from centrepoint.
I'll try to be home before 10pm since need to wake up early tomorrow to go KL.
RY is having company function this evening and hopefully he comes home early tonight.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Business Trip in Manila

This week I'm working in Manila (Philippine) for some meeting.

Arrived Manila Shangrila hotel about 3pm and went for jogging in the gym.
I realised that my speed has deterioriated as I've not been exercising for 3 months.
I must try buck and improve on my stamina and speend.
Hopefully I can slim down 5 kg in 3 months time (am I too ambixious?)

Had a good and heaving Japanese dinner in the hotel with a group of colleagues - sashimi, tempura, shabu shabu, teppanyaki etc ......

I think this heavy meal has wiped out all my efforts in the gym .............

Will try to go gym wither tomorrow or following day morning.
Must try to slim down .........

TCM Accupuncture

I've been reading up on the TCM postings in Singapore Motherhood and have decided to try one ot the TCM in AMK.

RY brought me to this TCM yesterday - Sun.

Dr Zou is a rather elegant looking lady.
We explained to her about my 3 m/c and she recomended that I do accupunture 2 times a week for 3 months to improve my health.

We poke the needle on my tummy and leg and leave it there for 20 mins (electric current ran thru and a heating lamp shine on my tummy) then she poke on my back which is to improve the kidney well being.

The whole consultation cum accupuncture session lasted about 1 hour (10 mins talking to her and 40 mins accupunture treatment and the balance 10 mins was spent waiting for her).

I'll try going back to the doc again this week.

Sat 12 Sept - Gathering with Uni Friends (also ex-colleagues)

Last Sat met up with Jas & Es at Orchard Central's Heaven Loft for tea.
It's really nice meeting up with them, brought back nice memory.

I've known Jas & Es since NTU and was colleagues before we all left our first job .........

Es & myself ordered the hi-tea set at $9.80+++ and consists of choice of tea and 4 different kind of cake/ snack.
The ambience was cozy and the sweet treats was ok.
Jas & Es both like my new hair cut.

After that met RY up at Aston's for dinner.
RY and myself like to dine at Aston's since its value for money and the quality of steak is good (no service nor GST charges).

Oh, I've also spent almost $1.3k on clothes (13 pieces - is it expensive?).
I've put on so much weight during the last 2 pregnancy, I cant fit into most of my old clothes, so decided to splurge abit to get myself some nice clothes to match my new short hair.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dentist Visit

Today 10 Sept I didnt go to work as I got a seminar in town to attend.
As I've not been visiting Dentist for last 10 months, I finally decided to go to one.

I'd booked the last appointment at 5pm as I knew the seminar should end around 5pm.

In fact the seminar was still on-going when I sneaked out at 4.30pm.
Since the topic is not applicable to my daily routine, I've decided to leave so that I can be at the dentist early.

Arrive Dentist at 4.45pm, did x-ray and the doc commented that my teeth is good but need to take care as my gum is shrinking too high, so should not brush too hard.
She also did a filling on the top right molar to conceal the exposed gum - I'd sensitive gum whenever I take chilled drinks/ food.

The bill was SGD131/=, fortunately I've covered by company insurance scheme, so pocket didnt burn a hole.

I'll try to floss my teeth more often, cant be lazy .........

Actually Dentist visit is one of my fear factor, my I know I must go since dental hygiene is very important.

This female doc is nice, I like her so will definitely go to her for my next visit.

9 Sept Celebration?

RY called be in the afternoon that he'll bring me to Bt Batok nature park to do some stretching.
He came at 5.40pm and brought my shorts/ t-shirts for me to change.
Oh he surprised me with a bouquet of Gerberra - 3 yellow and another 3 in red - very cheery.

Due to the traffice jam, only arrive the nature park at 6.15pm.
RY ran for 2.5 rounds while I did brisk walking for 3 rounds.
Finiahed exercise at 7pm and go home to shower.

RY ta pau zhu chao - black pepper pork, chix dice in dried chilli (gong bao ji ding) and a stir fried veg in fermented beancurd (fu yu you mai).

That's how we celebrate our 9th ROM Anniversary!

Why am I still feeling so down?

While watching news on TV about couples get married on 09/09/09 and also babies borned on this special day......... I cant help but tears rolled down from my cheek ........... my baby is supposed to be borned on 9th Sept 2009 too ..........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy ROM Anniversary & My "supposing - 2nd baby girl" - 9 Sept 2009

9 Sept is supposed to be a happy day ........... its my 9th ROM Anniversary and my 2nd baby girl (Angelina) supposed to be EDD on this day ..........

I'm very sad, very very sad ...........

This morning RY asked if we're going for any celebration dinner tonight or postphone to Sat.
Frankly speaking, I've no mood to dine out tonight, so I told him we'll wait till Sat.

Mom just informed that she wont be cooking dinner tonight, so we'll eat out.
I think should be eating simple hawker food.

Let me update about tonight's dinner tomorrow ............

Monday, September 7, 2009

Short trip to KL 5 & 6 Sept

RY has a condo in KL and the tenant just moved out so we went to KL last Sat to meet up with the tenant for hand-over of the apartment.

Woke up at 4.45am to boil the red dates/ dang sheng/ wolfberries tea to bring to KL and did last min packing.
RY had a late night and only woke up at 5.15am.
Left home about 6.15am but there was a jam at the 2nd link custom - both SG and MY side.

Arrived KL Park Royal hotel (opposite to Sungei Wang) at 10.30am and couldnt check-in yet as the room was not ready.
Went to Sungei Wang for brunch - eaten fish porridge, beef kway teoh and cha siew bao (the bao was not very nice and shall not order next time).
RY went to Maybank to remit some cash to his mom and also exchange some RM to pay for our expenses in KL.

Did some window shopping and went back to hotel at 12.30pm.
The room (1111) wass ready but its quite disppointing since the carpet was wet and the air-con temp couldn't be adjusted.
We were freezing but since it was only for a night plus the rate was cheap (RM215 nett with breadkfast) and rather a hassle to move in/ out, so we endured.

After resting for about  an hour, we went to shop in Lot 10 and I bought a black top from Mphosis while RY bought 3 shirts from Isetan.
Continue shopping in Pavillion and had tea and cake at the cafe in Pavillion (cant remember the name but its outside next to Club Monaco outlet).  The choco/ cheese cake was RM14 while the tea cost RM8 for a small pot, so the total bill came up to RM24 after the services charge and taxes.

As RY was meeting the tenant at 8pm for the key hand over, we deceided to have early dinner.
We went to the 6th floor to check out the fine dining and found out that the credit cards got some promo with the Viet restaurant ( Citibank 20% off ala carte and 50% off appetizer for 2 main course ordered), chinese restaurant has 30% off all ala carte food item with Citibank, the italian restaurant has 15% discount if pay via Amex.
To save money, we decided to eat at the food court in basement.

I had viet beef noodle set RM12.90 and it came with tang hoon salad, 2 fried poh piah.
RY ordered Thai tom yam with rice noodle (RM8.70).
I didnt try his tom yam since i need to abstain from seafood for a month.

I also had a Beard PaPa cream puff as dessert (RM3.80).

It was about 7pm and we need to go back to hotel so that RY can meet the tenant at his condo at 8pm.

I was alone in hotel while RY went out.
Waited till 10pm and finally received his call that he's caught in traffice jam.

I fell asleep when he knock on the door, it was 11.15pm!
The KL traffic jam is really scary!!

The next morning woke up at 7am to wash up for breakfast at 8am.
The buffet spread was ok but not as good as those in Hilton Sentral (it's my favourite hotel).
Check out the hotel at 11am to go to RY's condo to do some cleaning as meeting potential new tenant at 2pm.

Its fun to watch RY do all the cleaning, while I read newspaper leisurely.
RY speficially told me not to do anything, just sit there and read and dont move .........., which I did.......

The cleaning finished JIT at1.50pm and RY went to have his shower.
The potneital tenant came at 2pm sharp.

The viewing finsihed at about 3pm and we pack-up and have lunch at Pizza Hut (missed the Bak Kueh Teh as they close at 1pm).
After lunch, RY turned back to his aprtment to check if he has forgotten to tighten the tap (to prevent water dripping from the toilet bowl pipe).

Finally drove off KL at 5pm .......... only stopped once to pump petrol and a toilet stop............ reach SG before 8.30pm ............

In 2 weeks time we'll be going to KL again to do serious cleaning and fixing of the apartment.
I think there'll be massive traffic jam due to the Hari Raya holiday ...........
Next time I'll do some serious shopping & dining to make myself happy ..........

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Day at Work after D&C

I was given hospitalisation leave till 3 Sept (from 28 Aug) but there are too many e-mails to be cleared, so I decided to report work on 3 Sept Thurs.

So many e-mails and the whole morning was busy reading/ clearing & replying e-mails ...........

My boss came to my office and asked me why am I in the office as I should be home resting .........
He asked me to go home.
I told him I'll see how the day goes and will go home if necessary.

He also commented about my new hair - he said he like it ........... my other colleagues also think I look good in short hair ............. hee hee hee
I'm really happy that they all like my new look.

Looking and feeling good

Last Tue, I went to do hair henna, half leg/ arm waxing & eyebrow threading at Little India.
Before that I went to pray at the Guan Yin temple - pray that my 3 poor babies (m/c and not able to be delivered successfully) can rest in peace in heaven.

RY was in good mood, he came to Little India to bring me eat Bak Kuet Teh at Jalan Sultan area - Liang Ji.
It rained heavily and we dashed back to the car so that he can drop me off at the salon to let me continue steaming my hair.
The whole beatifying processs only finished at 3.30pm, so I called RY to fetch me home.

Instead of going home, I made a last min appointment with my beactician at Tech Whye to do facial.
I was too greedy and did full body massage too ..........
My beautician commented that I've water retention and lots of wind in my stomach, I didnt tell her that I m/c cos she didnt know I was preggy.

The massage really made me feel good and very relaxing ........
Hope to do another session end of this month.

But the feel good session cost me a bomb - hair + waxing + threading = $110/= and the facial cum body massage cost me $170.

Then yesterday, Wed, I did another "feel good" act - I did pedicure and  also cut my long straight hair which I've for the last 10 years .......... into layered bob ............

In the morning I went to the skin doc to check on my eczema and then to chinese physician to "tio" my body (he gave me 4 big bottles of liquid mixtures to consume for the next 12 days).
After doc consultation, it was only 11am, so I took a bus from Chinatown to Orchard to do pedicure (I'd painted my toes in shocking pink) and met RY for lunch.

We ate Korean set lunch at Crystal Jade Korean restaurant in Centrepoint.
The set lunch is only $10 per pax and we get the tasty side dishes, soup, rice and fruit slices for free.
We both chose the BBQ beef set.

After lunch went to RY's office as he need to collect some material for his customers and then we proceeded home.
Suddenly I felt like cutting hair, so I aksed him to let me alight at Bt Panjang Plaza.

I chicken out when I arrive the salon doorstep as I'm not sure if I really want to cut my hair.
So I went to Harvey Norman "look see" and then went library to borrow some books.

About half hour later, I finally picked up the courage to E10 salon to ask for a hair cut and I told the hair dresser Vivien I want to cut my hair short.
She asked me twice if I'm confirmed cutting it short and I said "yes" (but before that I asked her if short hair suits me and also I wanna keep long firnge to keep hair off my face).
I sms RY that he has to be prepared to see a new me with my really short hair and he replied "looking forward to your new look".........

RY thinks I look nice in my new hair cut but my mum, sis and nephew dont seem to agree.
In fact they were shocked to see me in such a short bob hair..............

The pedicure cost me $18 and the hair cut = $34.

I also bought slices of chocolate and strawberry cakes to celebrate the "new me" with RY.
The cake is yummy ........... I look forward to a better tomorrow!

Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative, microaerophilic bacterium that can inhabit various areas of the stomach and duodenum. It causes a chronic low-level inflammation of the stomach lining and is strongly linked to the development of duodenal and gastric ulcers and stomach cancer. Over 80% of individuals infected with the bacterium are asymptomatic.


In 2006, I did a scooping test since I constantly had gastric pain and the test result showed that I've this Helicobacter pylori bateria in my stomach.
I was supposed to take a course of anti-biotic to kill the bacteria, which I didnt as I was trying to get preggy.

I went to the GP on Monday to check my gastric and he advised that I can start taking the anti-biotics 1 week upon the completion of the D&C antbiotics.

Since I will be resting for min 3 months before TTC, I thought its good timing to start this course of anti-biotics.

Next Sat, I'll go to the GP to collect my medication.
This few days, my gastric condition has improved but can feel the slight pain at the gastric area.
Fri & Sat night the pain was so bad that it gave me backache, and I gotta rub my back constantly to relieve the pain.