Monday, December 28, 2009

What do I want for X'mas and Bday?

Ry asked me waht do I want for my bday and I told him "nothing" but deep in my heart I was yelling for a Baby.

Today on our drive back from Ipoh, there was a thick fog and I was telling RY that god is coming down to earth to give us a baby ..........

I wish to have a baby ...........
God, Pls grant me my wish ............

Ipoh during X'mas

On 24 Dec, we went to Ipoh for a short vacation to visit RY's parents.

The custom in both SG & MY at 2nd link were very clear and we pass through swiftly.
Traffic on the hiway was ok too except for the stretch nearing KL is abit congested.

We arrived Ipoh on 24 Dec 6.30pm and we thought we'd arrived at about 8pm since we set-off from SG at 1pm.

We went to near by cze cha place for x'mas eve dinner with the whole family (RY's younger brother and sister came back from KL for the festive holiday too).
His sister has 3 young and beautiful daughters, they are very adorable too.

On X'mas day, RY's parents tah pau some hawker food for our breakfast and lunch, RY brought me to the famous Hong Tou restaurant  in old Ipoh town for the prawn mee hoon.
The RU brought me to Funny Mountain for the nice beancurd and also bought some local snack for my family.
Dinner was home cooked meal prepared by FIL.

After dinner, we went to GV for movie - Avatar.

On Saturday, we went to Yoke Fook Moon for dim sum breakfast.
Lunch was hor fun and mee hoon at YMCA and we went to Secret Recipe for desserts.
Dinner was at this new restaurant called Hoi Seng, the pork ribs was really tasty - its like our Kong Bah Pao

On Sunday, it was some hawker food breakfast and lunch was home cooked pasta.
Dinner we went to Move n Peak for steamboat buffet.

We left for SG on Monday morning at 7am and arrived at 12.15pm and had lunch at Jurong West.
Then RY send me to office since I only applied half day leave - arrive office at 1pm.

This trip in Ipoh is basically eat,  sleep & watch TV as we hardly go out.
The only outdoor activity I did was morning jog and playing with neighbours' doggies.

The 1st corner house has 2 golden retriever and a beagle and the house next to PIL is a mongrel.

Ipoh is a laid back town and is an ideal place for retirement ..........
I think I'll retire there............

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Gift 2009

This year I've bought little cute musical bear for all the girls in my company and there're 15 of them and for the guys, I've bought some christmas candies/ chocolate for them to consume in the pantry.
As I thought most of them will be on vacation during the x'mas week, I've distributed the gift early on 18 Dec (Fri).
To my surprise, this week, the colleagues give me x'mas gifts in return.
I've given with no intention of receiving  and this is really a surprise.
Now my desk is full of the x'mas gift display.

What should I give nest year?
I've one year to ponder over it ...........

Mery X'mas!

Today is X'mas eve and the office is very relax ............
The office has declared half day so alot of people come to work since if you apply leave, it gotta be a full day instead of half a day off.

This morning, a colleague bought us free vegeterian breakfast - fried carrot cake, roti prata, mee hoon & bao........
At about 10am, we celebrated birthday for one of the girl as her actual bday falls on x'mas eve..........
We had chocolate cake and some desset wine.

Now, I'm just sitting in the office surfing internet to wait for RY to come fetch me to go Ipoh ........

Yes, we're driving off to Ipoh in an hour's time ............

I'd like to wish everybody a Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday!

RY's Birthday on 22 Dec

This year RY's bday falls on Tue and its also the "Dong Zhi" festival.

We didnt do anything much, except for the lunch in Swensen's at IMM.
I ordered a Fish & Chips while he had a pasta.
Of course we also have our free Firehouse ice-cream and stickly chewy chocolate which come as free side for the main course.
I gave a ang bao to RY for his bday gift, I'd made a mistake in the amount.
I had wanted to give him $2888, instead I put in $2988 ......... well a hundred dollar more for him.

We went back to mum's place for dinner and mummy cooked a lot of food.
We also had the tang yuen which symbolised reunion ............

Its a simple day but I think its very warm and nice since we're with our loved ones.
I hope to be able to spend this special day with RY the rest of my lives .............

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TCM Updates

I've been seeing this TCM for about 2 months.
I wonder if my general health being have improved ...........but my mens seem to improve since the flow is more.

It's really expensive to undergo TCM treatment, on average, each week it cost me S$95 and it consists of 40 min accupunture and medication for 1 week.

On top of the TCM treatment, I also take DHEA (3 tabs a day @ 25mg per tab).

After my Beijing trip, I was rather weak.
I got flu attack 2 weeks ago and then last week, I got fever.
My tempreature fluctuated like a yo-yo, on CD12, I was 37'C then dropped to 36.3 on CD13 then rose to 36.5'C from CD14 toCD16 then rise to 36.7'C on CD17 to CD18.
On CD19 it went up to 37.6'C and dropped till 36.2 the next day.
Subsequently on CD21 went up to 36.5'C and then CD24 rose to 36.7'C for 2 days.

I hope this high temp can substain as long as possible ............ I really hope to me preg .............

Birthday Celebration on 11 Dec (Fri)

When I was younger, I enjoyed having group of friends' companny or eating expensive dinner and receiving present would make me happy.

Last month, RY asked me what do I want for this year's birthday.
I told him "nothing" and told him I dont want any expensive gift nor dinner.

Last Thurs evening, RY gave me a surprise by giving me a bouquet of roses and the next day, he came to my office take me out to lunch at Swensen.
As it's my actual day of birthday, the restaurant gave me a free Firehouse ice-cream.
RY sang me a birthday song when the ice-cream was presented to me after the main course was finished.
He gave me a red packet (ang pao) as present.

Then in the eveing, we went to mum's place for some home cooked dinner.
RY surprised me by bringing me a cake to mum's place and together with mum, sis & brother, they celebrated this happy day with me.

I was very happy on my birthday (its really simple and quiet).
Simplicity is Beautiful!

Next week (22 Dec) will be RY's birthday and I wonder what should I do for him since its a Tuesday ..............
I shall update next week.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back from Beijing

Back from Beijing last Wed 25 Nov.
Arrived SG airport on Wed 6am and reach home at about 7.30am.

First thing I did was to unpack my luggage and throw out dirty clothes for laundry.
Then wash up went and rested till 9.30am and off to work.

I can only described this trip with 2 words "Cold" & "Tired"........

Beijing is really cold and fortunately we've brought sufficient clothing to keep us warm.

First day (Fri), arrived Beijing airport at 11pm and check into hotel for the night - Wang Fy Jing Grand.

2nd day, we went to Yah Shui market for the tour mates to buy winter jacket since some didnt bring the right clothing for the cold weather.
RY get to buy a fake Timberland shoes for RMB160 (orignal price was RMB480).
Then we proceed to Tian An Men Square and then to Forbidden City.

3rd day, we went to Great Wall of China - Ju Yong Guan ........

4th day, we went to Temple of Heaven, as well as shopping in Xiu Shui Market amd 5th day was to Summer Palace.
RY bought 4 small bottles of china wine - Er Wo Tou for RMB3 each (56% alcohol content which is really potent).

We get to sample Peking Duck from Quan Ju De chinese restaurant, which I dont think is as good as those from SG.
It cost RMB 196 for additional serving of duck.

It was a nice trip since the tour mates were my colleagues - total 56 paxs.
But I dont think I'd like to visit Beijing again in the near future............ as I think got other better destinations awaiting for my discovery .........