Monday, August 29, 2011

R&R in Bintan

Yep, I am currently relaxing in Bintan Lagoon Resort with RY (not really a vacation for him since he is at a seminar in the resort).

RY came to Bintan last Thursday and he went back to SG on Sat to bring me here on Sunday.
By right I should come along with him on Thursday but due to the President Election last Saturday, I can't go till yesterday, Sunday.

It has been raining whole day in Bintan so there isn't much outdoor activity can be done.
So I've been lazing in the hotel room.

Prior to this Bintan trip, I ve read about Bintan Lagoon Resort and the comments in Trip Advisor.
The most common complaints are about the expensive food & beverages prices.
I gotta admit that it is indeed very expensive to dine in the resort, basically once you're in the resort, you're "trapped" here and no where to go unless you pay for the expensive transport to get out of the hotel to dine elsewhere.

Fortunately I am with RY for a company functions, so all meals are provided.
Else each meal on average would be SGD40 per pax, which I would not want to pay.

This is my first time in Bintan and I hope to be able explore this island during my 6 days stay.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Heavier Women May Have Less IVF Successes

Gotta watch your weight for fertility treatment!

But too skinny also may have problem too.

California Couple Sue Fertility Doctor over "Lost Embryos"

A terrible IVF mistake by the clinic!

The clinic had implanted a couple's embryos into another!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm back in SG!

Last Fri, I had followed PIL to KL and we stayed at SIL's place.
RY arrived KL in the late afternoon and we had a "mini" celebration of FIL's birthday in Taman Desa chinese restaurant since last Fri, 19 Aug, was his exact birth date.
It was a mini one because RY's younger brother had work commitment and not able to join us, and we had previously planned to have a serious celebration on Saturday.

Then the following day, RY brought me to cut hair at mid valley and also did hair henna at Bangsar.
We did some shopping and then came back in time to shower and dressed up for FIL birthday dinner.

We went to Unique Seafood restaurant at PJ, which was the same as last year when we celebrated FIL's birthday in 2010!
We were given the same VIP room with Karaoke facility.
It was a very enjoyable dinner as we sang out lungs out with the kids.
The dinner was pretty costly at RM1.5k!

We only reached SIL home at about 11pm and get tO sleep at about 1am.

The next day, Sunday, we had dim sum brunch at New Court Chinese restaurant.
We went to Tesco to do some grocery shopping before we drove off for SG at about 3pm.

We arrived SG at about 6.30pm.

It's nice to be home sleeping on my familiar bed with RY with me!

Monday, August 15, 2011

SG President Election 2011

In view of the SG President election on 27 Aug, I guess it's about time for me to end my MY holiday.

It will be a tough decision to make on the choice of the President.
I shall think carefully and make a wise choice.

This Fri we will go to KL to meet up with SIL to celebrate FIL's birthday and I shall follow RY to go back to SG on Sunday.

I am looking forward to going home and have gone shopping over the last weekend to get all the Ipoh goodies, like Heong Piang (a kind of biscuit with malt sugar filling), Orchid brand soya source and other snacks etc.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Alone

Last Thurs MIL received a sad news that her step mother (her dad had 2 wives, her maternal mum died years ago) passed away in the afternoon, so she and FIL went to the wake on Thurs evening after dinner with me. 
They returned home at about 2am on Fri morning and left for the wake again at about 11am same day.

The wake was in Kuala Kangsar (a royal town which is half an hour drive from Ipoh) and for 2 days.
The funeral is on Saturday, which is this afternoon and there will be a group dinner after the ceremony.

Since they need to attend the funeral early on Sat morning, they'd decided to stay in KK hotel for a night.

So I was home alone on Fri!

They didnt want me to go with them as they didnt want to tired me and also RY is arriving on Sat early morning, as such I need to be around to open the door for him.

Being home alone is fine except for the part on finding food for myself!

I had suggested to walk out to the nearby eatery for my meals, but PIL disallowed as Malaysia is generally not a very safe place to walk alone. They had refused to let me go out and also didnt want me to cook my own food since I may not be familiar with their stove, crokery etc.
Luckily we had home cooked fried noodle and fried rice for lunch and dinner respectively on Thurs and there was some left over, so on Fri, I had the left over noodle for lunch and fried rice as dinner.

I had the whole house (double storey semi-d) to myself on Fri till Sat morning and I was really lonely.

This was what I did to kill the boredom:

- At 11am, said goodbye to PIL and surf the internet till it was about lunch time.
- At about 12.30pm, I heated up my noodle and had my lunch.
- Surf internet and watch TV till 4pm
- Read my novel till 6pm
- Take my shower
- At about 7pm heated up fried rice and had my dinner while watching TV
- Chatted with RY before he left SG home to catch the bus to Ipoh
- At About 8.30pm, went up to the bedroom to surf the net and read my novel till I fell asleep at about 12 midnight

- Alarm went off at about 5.30am on Sat morning and also received RY's SMS that he was arriving home via taxi.
- Hurray! RY arrived home at 5.45am (this was the best part since it ended my lonely ordeal!)
- From 6am onwards prepared breakfast and eat with RY and did laundry etc

I am glad that RY changed his mind to come to Ipoh this weekend, else I may need to spend a lonely Saturday too as PIL will only be back after dinner ............ and I may starve since no more left over food .........

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Loving Couple

MIL has commented that RY and me are very loving and she is very happy for us.

I am surprised that ever since we've lived apart, I'm in MY and RY in SG, we have never argued or quarrelled.
As we only get to see each other during the weekends, we tend to treasure each other better.
This is unlike those times when I was living under the same roof as him in SG.

We spends short but quality time.

Hopefully when I move back to SG, we can be as loving.

My Love is Coming this Weekend!

I am really happy as RY has decided to come to Ipoh this weekend to spend time with me!

As mentioned earlier that he was contemplating not to come as he just returned to SG yesterday, but since he can't bear to see me spending a lonely weekend in Ipoh, he got his bus tix for this weekend last min at the bus station last night.

Next weekend, we will go to KL to visit SIL and at the same time celebrate FIL's birthday there. So RY will meet us in KL for the celebration.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy National Day 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore!
This year, SG is celebrating 46 years of independence on 9 Aug 2011, tomorrow!

I am very happy as RY is spending this long weekend with me in Ipoh, as he took Monday off to stay from Sat to Tue (6 to 9 Aug).

RY has been taking overnight Fri bus from SG to Ipoh (arrive Ipoh on Sat early morn) for the past weekends And return on Sun night to arrive SG on Mon early morning.
Since mid July, he had been trying to get return ticket on 9 Aug (Tue) instead of Te usual Sun so that he can spend longer time with me, but with no avail since the bus ticket was sold out weeks before. He was lucky to secure the bus ticket to come to Ipoh on 5 Aug Fri night and according to the bus company, the Sun return tixs were plenty as many chose to return late on Tue to have a long weekend with their loved ones in Ipoh.

For the last 2 weeks in Jul, we were calling practically the bus company everyday to hope for a return tix on 9 Aug but the reply was negative.
Just when we were about to give up, on the previous Sunday while we were seeing RY off at the bus station, we made a last attempt to enquire about the 9 Aug night departure bus.
To our surprise, the counter staff told us that they happened to have one last ticket as someone had given up his seat!

We were so happy and quickly grabbed the tix!

As RY is spending 4 days here in Ipoh, he is contemplating whether to come to Ipoh this weekend.
He asked me if I would like him to come, I said my answer would be biased so I told him to decide.
I think most probably he won't come, which I will know tomorrow since he would usually buy the bus ticket for the next visit at the bus station before he departs.
So I will only see him the following week!