Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Malaysia Bank Account

Last Fri, since it was a Good Fri holiday in SG, RY came to KL (we didnt go to Ipoh as planned since his parents are coming to KL instead)and he brought me to the bank to set up a joint account with me so that I can have easy access to Malaysian currency to spend during my stay in MY.

The bank not only issued me an ATM card but it comes with VISA Debit card function which will link to the bank account to deduct any VISA purchase.

I am really pleased as its one card with dual functions.

Having a bank account in MY may imply my prolong stay here .......

SG General Election 2011

For the last decades, I never get to cast my vote for my estate since it is a GRC and no opposition parties dare to take on the challenge.
I was very disappointed then that I didn't get to cast my votes ever since I turned 21 many years ago.

This year is the 1st time that I wished I don't have to vote since I am currently in KL and don't really wish to travel back to SG just to cast my vote.......

Sorry, I know I am being selfish to have such thinking, but the children are simply adorable and I just can't bear to part with them ........

Well, I will know the outcome on 28 April if I need to cast my vote on 7 May since the nomination cut off date is tomorrow 27 Apr.
I will be a responsible citizen (for the polling) and respect any outcome!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extend my stay in KL

By right I should be going back to SG this coming weekend but as Good Friday is falling on 22 Apr next week, RY will bring me to Ipoh next week.
So Instead of me going back then pack up and go to Ipoh again, I've decided to remain in KL and he will skip his travelling to KL this weekend and instead come following Fri to bring me to Ipoh.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loveable Children

The kids have brought a lot of joy and laughter to me!

You just can't get angry too long with them even when they really mess things up.
Just looking into their eyes and when they say "Please"' you sure melt.

The youngest daughter CY just ran to me with a piece of paper cut into shape of a crescent moon, and say "auntie this is for you!" and I asked her what is this, she said it's a moon for you and she just came with another triangle shape paper saying "it's a fish for you"!

In the morning, I will play YouTube video for her to watch cute animal video and she'll jump with joy over those cute animals she sees.

The 2nd daughter SY is a social butterfly.
This morning during our usual morning walk to school, we met an Indian gentleman who owns a tailor shop on the ground floor.
When she saw him, she greeted him politely and then they chatted.
I was surprised to see them acting like good friends.
SY told me that the indian man is her friend because he gives her sweets.
She is a social butterfly who can make friends with anyone.

The eldest daughter AY is a ver sensible girl who likes to sit on my lap whenever she sees me.
It is a breeze to tuition her as she listens and understands very well.
She is a really pretty girl with oval face and big almond shape eyes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daily Routine in KL

Morning wake up at 6.30am to see SIL's eldest daughter - AY off to school.
Then I will go wash up and then wake her 2nd daughter - SY, up to get ready to go to school.
At 8.05am walk SY to school which is just a stone throw away.
Back at home about 15 mins later to have my breakfast.
From 9am to 12pm, I'll either play with the youngest daughter - CY or play with my computer surfing the net.
Then at 12.05pm, I will walk to school to fetch SY home.
Eat lunch at about 1pm and then take break by reading my novels that I brought from SG.
At about 3pm, I'll help SIL to sort out her clothes stock which she sells on line.
Depending on the volume, I may finish in an hour's time or take longer if it's a bigger pile of stock.
Then I will tuition the kids in their home work till about 6pm to go for m shower.
At about 7.30pm is dinner time.
I will continue to play with the kids after dinner before I wash up to go t bed a about 10pm.

That's how I spend my day in KL.

How I wish I can do the same with my owns kids ......
I know this day is coming very soon, I just need to be patient.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

R&R in KL

I am in KL since last Wed 30 Mar and is having a great time holidaying here.
The only work I need to do is to tutor the SIL's kids in doing their homework.
After staying with SIL for 5 days, I get to understand that being a mom is a full time job, the first to wake up but the last to sleep.
It's really tough ........ But I am prepared for the challenge to be a Mother myself!

I am glad that I came to KL to spend some time with the family.
The children has brought a lot of laughter to me, which I would share with you.
So I ve decided to stay 2 more weeks since I don't have to report to work.

RY came on Fri 1 Apr and will be going back to SG on Mon 4 Apr.
He will fetch me home 2 weeks later.
I don't allow him to come next weekend for fear that the weekly traveling may tire him.
But I think he will still come next weekend to KL to see his darling - Me.