Saturday, May 18, 2013

River Safari on 14 May 2013

Thanks to one of my mommy friend who is working in a bank, i went to River Safari last Tuesday FOC!.
She managed to get her corporate pass to River Safari and invited me and 2 others to join her.

This new river themed wildlife park is very pleasant to visit as its mostly sheltered so even if its sunny or rainy (light rain) day, you can roam around the park at ease.

We were there at 10am and left at 2.30pm to bring bb to her music play session at Our Music Studio in Tanglin Mall.

The main attraction to this wildlife park would be the 2 panda bear, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, but our babies prefer looking at the red panda instead as they are more active moving around.

I think I may consider being a member so that I can bring bb there more often.

How to discipline my bb?

My bb is very active and has been making me lose my cool.
At times, I'd raise my voice and tell her NO and when it doesn't work, I'll shout at her (I know it's bad) and if it still doesn't stop he mischief, I'll resort to beating her using the short plastic balloon stick ( hub disallowed me to get cane and I didn't want to use my hand as a hitting tool for I believe that hand is to cuddle and hug her).
But hub has been disciplining her with his bear hand and now bb copy the action and hit us or her friends.
I kept telling hub to change but he is not listening.

I must try to rectify this mistake.
I pray to God to let me be a patient and loving mum so that I can maintain my cool and not get angry with my precious baby. 
I also hope that hub would agree with me and work with me to a better way to discipline bb Rae......

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flu Jab

Bb had her 1st flu jab last Monday and she'll need a 2nd dose next month prior to our Europe trip.
As I'm stopping EBM soon, I thought she should get some protection from the flu virus prior flying.
If not for the Europe trip, I'd continue EBM and not let her have the jab!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Should I stop EBM?

I've been expressing breast milk for bb Rae despite weaning her from breast feeding.
Am thinking of stopping EBM in view of the forthcoming Europe trip in mid June.

Yah, we're going on a Europe trip as a family with RY and bb!
I seriously don't think I'll be able to express BM during the 2 weeks trip.
I'll be too tired to care for bb and doubt will be able to wake up early in the morning to pump, wash and sterilize the breast pump accessories and pack up the luggage as we'll be changing hotel every 3 days ........

I know it's kinda "sayang" to stop EBM as breast milk is the best for my bb, but as a Mother I need to feel good too right?
I can't possibly wear myself out which may in turn fall sick ........

I need to start making plan on the gradual stop in EBM s that my breast won't engorge which may hurt.

Being a SAHM has slim me down!

Prior to preggy, I was 46kg, during preggy was 62kg and now am 43kg!
My bb has certainly made me slimmer than ever!
No, I didn't get to do any exercise nor running, except for the baby chasing, stroller pushing, bb carrying etc.