Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Love is over?

I ve read about how a couple's relationship may distance after having a baby and didnt quite comprehend until now.
Yes, I ve realised that RY and I are not as loving as before.
We only talk when he is at work via Whatsap, strange huh?

When he comes back from work, he'll lock himself in the study room (so that bb can't disturb him) to continue with his work and only come out when it's dinner time.
After dinner, he'll play with bb for a short while and then again lock himself in the study to do his own reading or does his work.

By the time I put bb to sleep, I'd also fall asleep too, so we've no chance to talk and be intimate.
We are like "acting parents", u know what I mean?
We look normal like any couple who are parents but we've no "soul", we're just there as parents for bb Rae.

I know this is dangerous .........
But really, there doesn't seem to ve any chance to communicate.
Oh, his standard answer is "I just wanna do nothing at home, don't plan anything!"
So weekend will be just me and bb, I will take bb out as she goes to school daily during weekdays.

Think our love is dying ..........

When we were childless, we ve each other.
He was there when I was sad and happy.
Now, I ve bb but without him .......