Sunday, May 22, 2011

KL Public Bus

Last weekend, RY didn't drive to KL so we had no car to move around.
We learnt from the security personnel that there is a direct bus U72 which goes to Mid Valley from the bus stop outside the house.
Since we were really free and didn't want to trap in the house, we'd decided to catch the public bus to Mid Valley Mega Mall.

We left the house at 11.30am and waited till 12.30pm and still no sign of the bus.
Finally we gave up and hailed a taxi.

As we boarded the taxi, we saw bus U72 arriving .........
The taxi fare was RM7 and the bus fare would have been RM1 for each pax.

The long bus wait had certainty intimidated us and for a long time we'll definitely not try catching the public bus again .......

The public transport in MY doesn't seem to be reliable (with the exception of the KTM or LRT as they are pretty punctual but don't stop at the convenient spots which are more accessible by car or bus), no wonder everyone is driving here!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I Just Wanna Be Happy!

My objective now would be to relax and rest and not to be stressed up by anything!

I will do whatever I feel happy doing.

RY is very supportive, I know it's kinda weird that I stays in KL while he is alone in SG and travels to KL every weekend.
He said it's important for me to be happy and he is happy when I am.

My mum is not very pleased with what I am doing now and think that I ve neglected my husband.
I know she meant well but i am happy with this holiday arrangement now and can't be too bothered by what she thinks, as long as RY is not against it.

I may go to HK to join my sis in June since she will be there with her son during the school holidays.
I am still contemplating how to spend my free time now.
Let's see how it goes and my holiday plan may change.

Slack in my postings

I must admit that ever since I started to become a SAHHM and stay in KL, I ve been pretty slack in my postings.

I guess this is because of the stress free routine I am having now.

Everyday doing the same thing and the happiest days would be weekends since RY is with me to keep me company.
I would stay at home from Mon till Fri and RY would bring me out "path thor" to have quiet time by ourselves.
He'd drive me to Mid Valley mega mall or Bt Bintang to shop and dine.

Another reason being the kids like my IPad very much and will crowd around whenever I uses it.
So it kinda restrict my posting since it's disturbing to have them around me.

I'll try to update more whenever possible to journal my thoughts and daily lives..........

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Extend MY Social Visit

The kids are having their exam during these 2 weeks and I am needed to tutor them in their Chinese subjects.
However, my one month stay in Malaysia (MY) will be due next week, so we decided to extend my social visit by another month.

Last Monday, RY brought me to the Malaysian Immigration office in Damansara to apply for the extension.
We were there at 8.30am to fill up the form and get the queue number. We get to see the immigration officer at 9.20am to explain my application.
It was smooth and the extension was granted.
But I only managed to get back the "stamped" passport 45 min later.

I am glad that the application went smoothly and extension granted.
I am able to spend longer time with the children!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reduce stress to improve fertility

This is a really interesting article!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kind Soul

Last Monday, RY and myself took a bus back to SG as RY didn't drive.
RY would alternate between driving and taking coach to KL as it could be too tiring to drive consecutively.

As we arrived the Woodlands custom, we were pondering whether to take a direct bus or taxi to go home.
I insisted taking bus to cut cost as we are currently living on single source of income.

As we approached the bus stop, we realized that I didn't bring my Easi Link card (but RY brought his with him) and we also didn't have small change to take bus (SGD10 is our smallest note).
So we asked around for people for small change of SGD10 into denomination of $2 but none got. Then out of sudden, there was this humble looking couple who stretched out their hands with a $2 note to us, saying they didn't have the full ten dollar change but is willing to give us the $2 for free.
We were very grateful but we didn't want to accept their hard earned cash without repaying.
So RY took out a Malaysian currency RM5 to exchange with them.
They had initially refused but we insisted so they finally accepted.

The simple gesture from the humble couple really touched our heart.
Thanks for the $2, kind soul (sorry that we didn't get your name) ..........