Monday, July 25, 2011

PIL Relationship

After spending about a month with PIL, I think I understand both of them better.

FIL is a typical Hakka man, very thrifty (he only sting in himself but generous to others) and also a male chauvinist who expects his wife to be submissive to him.
If MIL doesn't listen to him, he will shout at her and call her stupid!
MIL is a well educated lady who is a retired teacher so she is not a submissive wife as FIL would like.

Frankly speaking, I don't approve FIL's behaviour and feels sorry for MIL whenever he blows his top (don't get me wrong, he doesn't throw tantrums frequently and he certainly has never raised his voice at me. His usually target is MIL - his wife).

MIL being a very understandable wife will not confront him immediately while he is filled with anger, she will wait till he has calmed down then she will reason out to him.

She confides in me that she is not exactly pleased with FIL's but has learnt to live with him for the past 30 years.
She said when they were younger and while her mum was still alive, FIL was vey gentle to her and had never raised his voice at her.
But it changed upon her mother's demise.
She had tolerated FIL's bad temper for the sake of the family.
If not, she would have seek a divorce long ago.

I applaude MIL for her wisdom and tolerance.
I gotta learn from her to learn the trick to sustain a marriage.
I do hope that RY would never be like his dad.
I may not be able to take it if he ever throws his tantrum at me.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Impressive Fertility Journey of a UK Mummy

This is an impressive story using donor's egg and sperm!
She is an amazing mum!

Blood Type Affects Fertility

This is an interesting article.

Apparently, blood type O female tends to suffer premature ovarian reserve failure, compared to other blood types.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kutu Girls Update

Last Fri we travelled from Ipoh to KL and stayed with RY's younger brother since SIL's family was infected with head lice.

PIL visited SIL on Saturday while RY and myself rest & relax, ran our errands like going to bank and I did henna hair dye.

PIL got back to BIL place to meet us up for dinner.
Once they reached BIL house, they took precaution by quickly washed themselves head to toes.
MIL informed that she had thoroughly checked the three girls, SIL and maid for traces of head lice and found none.
As such it should be safe for us to visit them.

After much consideration, we'd gone ahead to meet up SIL and family for Dim Sum lunch on Sunday.
We had a lot of fun and laughter, but as I was still weary about the kutu, I tried to keep a distance from them.
We also went to SIL house while SIL's husband sent RY to the bus station to catch his transport back to SG.

We were at SIL's place for only a short while and rushed off to BIL's house for a complete head to toes wash and packed up to go back Ipoh.

We departed KL at about 5pm and reached Ipoh 2 hours later.

It has been 4 days since we visited SIL and so far we don't feel and itch on the scalp.
Hopefully we are kutu free!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kutu Girls

Last Wed, SIL informed that her 3 girls were infected with head lice, also known as kutu.
She asked MIL for remedy to treat the girls.

We told her to 1st cut the hair real short, then go pharmacy to buy the anti- head Lice shampoo and used on the girls, then follow by cleaning the house by boiling the bed sheet, pillow case in hot water, sun the pillows, blanket to detox.
After putting the shampoo, she should also get the special comb to comb thru the girls hair to get rid of the eggs.
Another important thing to do was to inform the school about the head lice problem so that action can be taken to contain it.
It's useless to wash and clean the girls, without having the source eliminated, which we believed must be from the school.

Every 2 days, SIL will update on the "termination" status.
We were really upset that SIL didn't follow our advise and take the prompt action.
She only get the medicated shampoo last Thurs night to wash the girls, no hair was cut, the shampoo supposed to be kept for 24 hours, she only left it on for 2 hrs.
Let the girls go to school as usual and when the girls back, use the shampoo for another 2 hours, then let the girls go afternoon tuition.
sat then bring the girls to cut hair.
The maid who helped to manually catch the head lice and comb thru the hair to look for the eggs, also got infected.
SIL also didn't call the school as she is afraid that the school may track down her daughter and accuse her of being the source of the head lice.
So I volunteered to make the call and informed the school on her behalf.

We had originally planned to go KL to stay with SIL today for the weekend since PIL missed the grandchildren.
But we have to change our plan since the girls still have head lice as at today.
We will still go KL but will instead with BIL.
As I am really afraid of kutu, I have informed PIL that I won't be visiting SIL even though I really miss the girls.
I got phobia since I was infected before when I was in kindergarden.
The process to get rid of the kutu is rather scary and I would not want to go thru the ordeal.
Not only I got to wash, clean myself, the house need to be "disinfected", also who is going to manually help me comb thru the hair to get rid of the eggs (if any)!
So PIL will be visiting SIL without me.
I need to take care of myself.
What if I go and get it then I pass to RY since he is coming to KL this weekend to meet us up?

In few hours time, we will be driving off to KL.
I hope PIL won't get infected and in turn infect me ...........
Please pray for me!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unbearable Weather

Do you believe that it has not rained for more than a week here in Ipoh?
I've checked the weather forecast that for the next 8 days, the weather will be the same - no rain,dry and hot!

The weather is really dry and it got worst with the haze now, as heat is being trapped which makes it even hotter and drier.

During the day, I will sit in the living room, in front of the fan blowing directly at me, and at night, I will be sleeping under a full blast spinning ceiling fan.

MIL has asked me to turn on the air con but I'd refused since I do not wish to increase the electricity consumption which translates into higher utility bill.
Moreover, with this kind of dry weather it would mean much higher power usage to cool the house which is bad to the environment.

My simple wish now is for the rain to come!