Monday, June 28, 2010

Tarafuku @ 313 Somerset

Last Sat instead of going to Itacho, we went to Tarafuku for dinner since we were shopping in Centrepoint after watching Knight & Day.

I think Tarafuku's food is quite tasty.
The sushi quality is pretty good too.

But given a choice, Itacho at Ion would still be my 1st choice for sushi.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knight & Day

I watched the movie Knight & Day with RY yesterday and we both think this movie is very entertaining and worth watching.

We dont care what the critics think as long as we both like it.

This is a commedy with action impact scenes.
The lines are really funny, so go watch it!

Taking a Break from TTC

I'm taking a break from TTC so that's why you dont see me post anything regarding fertility related topic.

I'm busy with my San Fran trip preparation and also concentrating to get my wounds heal ..........
Anyway, the wounds are too painful to make me wanna get intimat with RY.

After a week from the bad fall, the wounds are still rather raw but I can see its healing ....... it may take another week for it to heal completely (I hope), I dont want to go USA with such painful and ugly wounds on my arms.
But glad to inform that the chipped lips is almost 90% healed and the one on my left knee is drying up now.
Those on the arms are still pretty raw ........

Today when I was at the TCM, she was amazed to see my rather bad raw wounds and even suggested the posture that I should get into for her acupuncture session.

After this fall, I realised that most of the time, we simply take things for granted, it's only when you lost it then you realised the importance.
With the injured arms, I find it difficult to do simple movement like flipping my body around in bed and slinging my handbag on my shoulder.  I also need to be extra careful when I move around crowded street for fear of the passer-by knocking into me or brush over my arms.
I must appreciate my healthy body better now and not to take it for granted!

Indeed Health is Wealth!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hair Colouring

When I was younger, I used to go to a hair salon to get my hair coloured every 3 months.
Each visits to the salon would cost me about $200 to $600 depending on what I do, may it be a simple hair cut + colouring, or with additional treatment, or a perm etc ........

I'd experienced various colour - range from red, purple, copper to blond (yes bleaching my hair to look blond), as long as its the most "in" colour for that season.

About 5 years ago, I realised the harmful effect of the chemical colouring and switched to natural hair dye - Henna.

Henna adds a nice colour of red to most hair colours and it also conditions your hair. Henna is all natural so it will not harm your hair like the dyes found in stores today. Some other benefits of henna as a hair colour is that it strengthens your hair, makes it easier to manage, and can even get rid of dandruff.

The beauty comes with a price - the henna scent is not very pleasant is an acquired "smell".
For instance, RY doesnt really like it, on the other hand I'm rather Ok with it.

I'd usually have my hair "hennaed" monthly in a beauty salon located in Little India - Rupini.
It costs me $40 for the henna session which consists fo hair dye applications, steaming, washing and blow dry.

This morning, I'll be getting my hair fix to prepare for the San Fran trip in 2 weeks time.
Need to look good just in case I bumped into RY's colleagues there .......

I think I'll try to explore DIY - buy the Henna powder and mix it myself and get my sis to help in the applications.
Dont think I can depend on RY for help since he's not patient enough for the application process .........

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad Fall

I just had a fall while doing my evening jog. The fall is rather bad - bruises on my left knee, both arms and chipped lips ....... blood all over my t-shirt.

Nobody came to help me eventho they saw me fell and they just walk pass me ........

I didnt cry and manage to walk back home to wash up and dress my wounds!
I told myself that this fall is nothing compared to the multiple loss of my precious bb and D&C which I've gone through .........
I ignored the glances and stares from the passer-bys and just continued walking home ......
I've stopped running (but I still do constant brisk walking) for a few months due to the knee problem but yesterday I started to jog as I felt my knee was better so today I went running again.
Maybe it was a bad decision to run consecutively for 2 days after such a long break from jogging ..........
Once I reached home, RY was very worried as I was covered in blood and wanted to send me to a doc to check if stitching is required on my badly chipped lips.
He also get the antiseptic wash for me and help me dressed my wounds after my shower.
Its nice to have a loving hubby to look after you when you're sick or injured ..........
Thanks RY!

Xiao Mei, What is your order?

I just came back from lunch at Long House food centre along Upp Thomson Rd and is in really good mood now.
It has been quite sometime since I heard stranger address me as Xiao Mei (little sis in English).

There're quite good selection of food stalls in Long House and usually RY & myself will go for the prawn noodles.
But today I decided to eat duck rice and was delighted when the duck rice hawker said this to me "Xiao Mei what is your order?".
Its more common to address a lady customer as "Xiao Jie" (Miss) then "Xiao Mei" unless the girl is really young .........

Maybe I do look young in my short hair with a silver hair clip on it ............

I just recalled that a Guardian sales assistant had mistook me as a student when I 1st had my short hair last year .........

Well, women does want to look young and get complimented for being young looking ........
To be Forever young is every women's dream .........

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Favourite Sushi Restaurant - Itacho Sushi

Itacho Sushi at Ion Orchard #B2-18 is my favourite Sushi place in SG.

RY and myself would visit Itacho almost every Sat since we love their sushi very much.
The food quality is good & most important at an affordable price.

Our recommended must try is seared salmon in soy sauce at 40cts each.

The service quality is pretty good too.
I just had lunch this afternoon ay Itacho and is looking forward to next week's visit!

Girls Night Out at KPO

Last night I met up with the girls at KPO for dinner- a restaurant bar located opposite Orchard Central, in facte it's in the junction of Killiney Road, Penang Road &  Orchard Road, that's what KPO stands for.

I personally find the place worth to check out since the ambience is nice and location is ideal as it's in the heart of Orchard Road.

As I've no appetite, I only ordered a Fruit Salad at $13, it consist of seasonal selection of cut fruits and rojak source served separately.
The girls had Prawn Pasta, Calamari, Nasi Lemah, Cesar Salad, Martini drinks etc.

We chatted till 11.30pm and I reached home at 12am.
This morning I only wake up at 8.45am which is considered late as I'm usually awake by 7am during weekends.
Late night seems potent to my sleep pattern ...........

Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Leg Kicking

I was brisk walking this evening and as I was passing by the small park near my place, I saw a group of young boys (about 6 to 9 years old) playing soccer in the field and the ball accidentally flew over to my path.

Instead of the boys comming towards me to get the ball, I raised up my feet and kick it back to them.

This incident reminded me of my year 1 University days ......... we'd an inter-tutorial class soccer games.
It was a mixed team with min no. of girls in each team, the organiser set this strict rule to ensure boy-girl interactions (we've even no. of girls & guys in class but only a handful of girls are sporting enough to participate).
I was one of the few girls who participated.
I cant remember if my class win or lose but I remembered vividly that I was running after a ball cluelessly ......... but it was fun since it was a team effort and I get to know my classmate better after the game.

Very memorabe .............

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TCS 8 Drama : Precious Babies

I'm a TV addict since it's my favouraite pass time at home besides zzzzz.

RY had given me a nick name - Queen of TV!
RY had been influenced by his mum since young so he hardly watch TV.
MIL said watching TV is a waste of time ......... but I'd like to beg to differ, sometime it's good to waste time doing something relaxing and enjoyable to let your mind at rest!

TC8 weekday 9pm is showing this Drama - Precious Babies. and I quite enjoy watching it since the baby girl (Xuan Xuan) featured in it is very adorable.

The story line is quite simple and pretty realistic (except the ending when the childless Hui Xian got prggy out-of-sudden).
Its about 3 good friends - Katie is married with a baby girl, Hui Xian is married many years but childless and Zhi Qing is a single & career minded lady; how they balance work, family & social lives committment. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Planning the SFO Trip

I'm taking a week break in mid-July to go to San Francisco (SFO) since RY will be there for a conference ..........
He got me a air tix to fly me there to tag along for a short get away.
Really glad to finally have a chnace to visit USA!

I've been busy with work and then down with flu so didnt have much mood to plan for the SFO trip.
This week I must be abit more pro-active to read up more about SFO.
Hopefully the "lazy bug" wont attack me and make me delay my planning ........

I wonder what's the must do, must see, must buy, must go, must try, must eat, must drink, must photograph, must experience (but at affordable cost) in this cosmopolitant city!

Mens came on CD26 13 June Sunday

Mens came on CD25/ 26 on 13 June Sunday.
I put CD25/ 26 since spotting started at about 10am but flow commenced about 6pm ......... so usually gynae will take 12 noon as a cut off to determine the 1st day of AF.

I was feeling very tired & crampy since last Fri and true enough mens came on Sunday.

Frankly speaking, I was rather disappointed since it means I didnt fall preggy, but on the other hand, I "complimented" my ovaries for the good job done since the arrival of AF means they've managed to produce follicles and ovulated normally .........
I should be positive and look forward to a new beginning ..........  

I'll try to relax my body & mind!

Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010

Today is the opening of 2010 FIFA Word Cup and the 1st match - South Africa vs Mexico at 9.55pm SG time and the Opening Ceremony 12mn.

I'm not really a die hard soccer fan but during the World Cup season, I'll join in the crowd to cheer for my favourite teams - Germany, England, Brazil etc.

I think for the next couple of weeks most people will be either glued to their TV set at home or gather at the sports bar for the great matches!
This means that the shopping mall, restaurants may not be fully filled with patrons ........... despite it's GSS (Great SG Sales) now!!

I remember vividly that when I was little, I'd join my elder brother & sisters for the mid-night craze to watch the matches in the middle of the night (Europr time zone) and we'd gt our supper from 7-11 ........ memory memory ........

Have fun enjoying watching the 2010 World Cup matches!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have you heard of Yamano Doronko?

When I was rather young, I've heard of this Yamano Doronko advertisement on the radio and didnt understand what was it about, until recently when there was a newspaper write-up about a Yamano beauty salon opened in Orchard Central:

I chanced upon the Yamano product while I was casually shopping and there was a product promotion by the cosmetic chain - Beauty Language.
I bought the Medical World Doronko Clay @ SGD87.50 for deep cleansing since I tend to get clogged pores easily, shower treatment for SGD87.50 and start-up kit for SGD150 which consists of make-up cleaner, facial cleanser, moisturiser and white clay for hydration.
With the purchase of every SGD150, I get to buy the clay shampoo at 50% discount which was SGD99 for 1000ml container.  So I bought 2 at SGD44.50 each and a clay hair pack at SGD31.50 after 50% discount.

I also get Oragnic shampoo (other salon brand) for RY and some Korean eye masks for myself.

The pocket damage was SGD541 for the above products ............

I feel kinda of "heatache" with the damage done but in the name of beauty, it's worth it!
This show how easy it is to earn Women's cash!

Down with Flu

I was feeling sick since Sat and was hoping that the Vit C 2000mg, drinking plenty of water, liang teh (herbal tea) during the wekend can save me from the agony ..........

My throat was still sored and coughing during the night had disturbed my sleep, so yesterday morning (Monday), I finally raised the "white flag" and admit being defeated by the potent virus, and visited my GP for some effective mdication.

The GP advised that the flu bugs have incubation period of 3 days before th symtom sufaced and I think I should've caught it on the plane last Thurs on my way back home.
Som irresponsible sick person had borded the plane and spread th virus to all passengers on th same flight.
I've rejected anti-biotics as I believe in naturally healing without th harmful drugs which may affect my health in the long run.
But I was given some anti-flamation tabs to subside the sore in my throat, running nose pills, as well as cough mixture.

Doc think that I need more rest and gave me 2 days of sick leave (Monday & Tuesday).
(Note:  In SG, we need Doc certification to take paid sick leave and unlike other countries, employees can just call in office to report sick leave without going to a doc)

After taking the mdication and rested in the morning, I felt better and went to get my lunch in the late afternoon - Yong Tau Foo from a near-by foodcourt, since RY was not able to make it home to pack lunch for me.

This morning I felt better and was dressed up ready to go to work, but on 2nd thought, I decided not to since I'm still having slight cough and dont think my colleagus would like to see me at work for fear of spreading the virus to them.  Need to be a responsible being!

That's why here I am now tying this blog post ............

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Biz Trip is Tiring!

I was back from my biz trip last Thur night 9+pm and I was really exhausted!
The 4 days there were really intensive working and basically, only get to eat proper breakfast in hotel and dinner (group organised dinner).
Lunch was packed sandwich/ salad eating in the office.

I didnt sleep well in the hotel since I've problem in getting used to new bed in new environment.

Yesterday I was down with flu, sore throat, cough all attacked me.
I could've caught the flu bug during the biz trip.
So I popped in 2000mg of vit C to build up my body resistance to fight the virus attacking my immune system ..........

Today I'm feeling better and I think I should be able to get well either tomorrow or day after .........
maybe I should take sick leave tomorrow to let my body fully recuperate ........ let's see how it goes tomorrow, I may go to work instead ...........