Monday, February 28, 2011

Free like a Bird!

Yep, I am feeling really happy and free like a bird!
I've tendered my resignation today after months of consideration.

Money is important but Happiness is most important!
For the sake of having my baby,I should try to relax and make myself stress free ........

Yes, I've quited without a job, do you think I am silly?

Now I am relatively young, so I should treasure the few years to grab the fertility window to have my baby and not regret later.
Money can always be earned but not youth and fertility!

Apple iPad

RY brought me a cool gift back from NY, yep its an Apple iPad and it certainly has kept me busy for the past few days with the setting and apps download.
I am not an Apple fan but is definitely very impressed with the fanciful apps available.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hakata in Flushing, New York

It was a surpirsed to find such a nice, cosy Jap restaurant in Flushing area.
Hakata is near to Sheraton LaGuardia.

The deco is simple but comfy.

 The refreshing Avocado Salad.
The generous servings of sashimi on my Sashimi Don

 I cant remember the exact price but I think the salad was about USD5 and the Sashimi Don cost about USD15.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fear Factor - Kar Zar

This morning, I'd a a very frightening encounter - trapped in the lift with a Kar Zar!
I'd tried really hard avoiding it but it just couldnt stay still and we ended up running in circles in the confined lift.
Human vs Kar Zar!

When the door opened, I quickly jumped out and ran frantically towards the car park!

If RY is around, he'll definitely kill the hideous looking kar zar ........ and wont let it freighten me!
I miss my hubby ..........

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Wonderland in Canada

Taken near to Thousand Islands - Ottawa

Taken from our hotel in Ontario

Statue of Liberty

Is it real?
I'm actually seeing this Statue of Liberty - the real thing and not on TV!

Boston Lobster for you?

This was my 1st Boston Lobster!
The flesh was really juicy and tender.
We've paid USD26 per pax for this lobster meal, which consist of a lobster for each person, fish, veg, prawns, soup & tou fu, white rice.

The Colourful Time Square in NY

The neon lights are really beautiful!

Mighty Niagara Falls

This is the pic taken from the Canadian side of the Falls.

Pls Dont Probe!

I dreaded when people asked how many children I've and why I've none ........

For goodness sake, pls dont dig any further when someone say they've no children.
It's also not helpful to give remarks like, "you should start one soon" or "you must be too busy to have one" etc ........

Being childless is already very sad and your probing is not going to help ..........

What do you expect the childless couple to say or react to your insensitiv qn?
What good does it do to make those remarks?

Just shut up!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back from New York!

I was MIA for 2 weeks in USA/ Canada!

Glad to be home away from the icey cold weather.
At the same time sad since my beloved husband is still in NY on biz trip while I'm alone at home.

I arrived SG this morning at about 6.30am and reached home at 7.30am.
Due to the morning peak hour surcharge, my taxi fare cost > SGD30/=.

I caught a cold in NY and went to doctor this morning for some medicine and 2 days of sick leave given.

Its about 7pm SG time now and I'm really sleepy since had not slept since I arrived.
Gotta recover from jetlag fast, so I forced myself to be awake till 8pm/ 9pm then go to bed.
I shall skip dinner tonight so that I can sleep soon.

I'll share my Canada/ NY pics once uploaded.