Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beijing Tour

I'll be leaving for Beijing tomorrow for 5 day tour!

I look forward to a beautiful weather and a wonderful holiday ..........

I'll share more about my trip when i come back next Wed.

Pregnant Colleague

My colleagues has shared with me that she's been pregnant for about 3 months and she's very troubled over her pregnancy since it'll be her 2nd child and she's not prepared to receive this baby now, so she's planning to abort it.

I'm very sad ......... while she's pregnant for 3 months, I've lost mine for the same period too (I did my D&C in end Aug).

She took leave today to go to the gynae to check if she's really preggy.

Here I'm trying my best to get pregnant and she's hoping that she's not.

How I wish I'm pregnant now .........
God, pls answer to my prayer to be pregnant and deliver my healthy & notmal baby to this world ........... pls take pity on me and grant me my wish...........


Last Sat we went to gynae for a follow-up visit.
The doc has decided on 3rd fresh IVF cycel for me to commence in Feb 2010.

From my prior experiences, I know I cant harvest many eggs so I asked the doc if he has any plan for me.
He suggested that I take this anti-aging supplement call DHEA which may help.

He has given me a prescription to get from the hospital but its up to me if I want to take it.

I've done some research on the internet regarding this DHEA supplement and it's only selling at USD6 per bottle (90 capsule 25mg).
I'm contemplating getting this from the website but is waiting till I come back from my beijing trip.

On the other hand, I'm still hopeful to get preggy naturally .........

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crying for my babies ..........

I was crying in the shower last Saturday.
The thought of the tough journey I'd been thru to get myself pregy thrice is very heart drenching .........

I missed my 3 babies ........ they didnt even get the chance to be borned to this wonderful world.

Last Sat, RY brought me to nature walk and it was nice to see familes with kids enjoying quality time together.
I was hoping that I can bring my own kids (together with RY) to enjoy the fresh air and scenary in the nature park - it'll be picture perfect..

God, kindly answer to my prayer to let me have my healthy baby born to this world.
I'll be a good mommy ......... pls listen to my prayer.......

Sad to know that my friend is at stage 4 cancer ...........

I just knew from my friend that an ex-school mate cum ex-colleagues is at stage 4 cancer ..........
I read her blog and see that she's currently fighting hard to stay alive to be with her family .......

She's a real warrior and I wish her all the best!

Take care, my friend ........

Update on 21 Mar 2010
My friend has passed away just before CNY in Feb ..........

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beijing - here I come!

In 2 weeks time, RY and myself will go to Beijing for a 5 day tour with my compay.

Today at the TCM, I over heard Dr and her patients' conversation (a young couple who is going to Beijing next week) and Dr was recommending them to eat mutton shabu shabu (shuan yang rou) at the most well known restaurant there called "Lao Song Shun".

She also reminded them to bring long john for the great wall climb since it rather chilly up there.

I've benefited from this conversation.
I'll do the same ...............

When did I ovulate?

I'm really confused over my exact ovulation date........

Believe it or not, I can "feel" my ovary swollen pre-ovulation .........
Some how got a strange feeling at the adobement neat to the ovaries on CD12.
Also on CD12, I can see that I've more cervical mucus.
Today is my CD15 and I dont have the "swollen" feeling but there's still some strange feeling there.

5 start taking my body tempreature since CD2 and was 36.2'C till CD11 and on CD12, I was 36.5'C, which lasted till CD14, but today it went down to 36.3'C.

I went to the TCM this morning and informed her about my observation.
She said the temp of 36.5'C is no good as it should be 37'C then considered ideal.
She think that the sudden dip in temp could mean that my ovulation will be this 2 days, but I thought I should have ovulated on CD12?

She prescribed "lu rong" (deer antler) to mee as she wants to improve my body temp.

Since CD9, RY had been very "cooperative" and "hardworking" as we've been turning to bed early to try ...........
Being a health freak, I'd love to go running but as I'm preggy hopeful, I've decided not to go running for 2 weeks.
So yesterday, instead of running, RY brought me to do some nature walk.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

This year was the my first time celebrating Halloween, well not exactly celebrating, but it was the first time I went to a "commercialise" area to feel the "Halloween air" .........

Last Sat 31 Oct, Jas had invited Est, myself and Jo to clarke quay for dinner cum lancing ......
We met up at The Pump Room in Clarke Quay.

As I've no appetite for western cuisine, I had dinner with RY in a Thai restaurant in Upp Bt Timah.
It was raining cats and dogs and the restaurant was rather empty ......... but there's a group of "ang moh" family who really put on efforts to dress up for the occassion.  The children was wearing the red illuminated  devil horms ..........

RY suggested that I get one of those horns for myself to wear at Clarke Quay.
I'd rejected as I didnt want to look silly.

RY sent me to clarke quay and went off as he didnt like to noisy pubs .......

It was an eye opener to see alot of people dressing to the theme ............ some dressed up as vampire, wearewolves, witches, wonder women and chinese ghosts (in cheong sum or the qing dynasty costume)........... good efforts ......... There was jam band playing in the outdoor, as well as best dress competition, oh the mc for the event was Glen Ong.

We just sat at the table (outside the restuarant) to people watch for amost 2 hours before we decided to get into the Pump Room to see what's happening inside.
But it was boring and we decided to go outside to see the more happening crowd.

We left the place at about 1am.

It was an unforgetable night and we're thinking what to dress up as for 2010 Halloween!