Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hormone gone haywire!

Its CD21 today and my tempreature is 35.8'C!

What's wrong with me?

I showed the TCM by temp tracking and she said I dont seem to be ovulating this month.
She didnt prescribe any medicine to me this time and just asked me to monitor by temp progress.
She told me relax and not let stress affect my hormonal imbalance.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Sign of Ovulation

Today is CD17 and I've no sign of ovulation - body temp has been constant at 36.0'C.
The mid-cycle light bleed stopped on Monday (CD15).

I'm very worried since it's unusual for me not to ovulate at this time.
My ovulation should be around CD14 and by CD12, I should be able to feel the swell around my ovary area.

Maybe I'm too stressed which contributed to my "unusual cycle".

Need to calm myself down.
Should try not to think about ovulation and TTC .........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mid-cycle Bleeding

Yesterday was CD13 and I was shocked to see some light bleeding and it continue today.
I was rather worried so I told my TCM this morning when I did my usual Sunday accupunture.

My BBT has been rather stable at 36.2'C and no sign of increasing.

When I told her (TCM) about the low temp and light spotting, she told me it's normal for to see some mid-cycle bleeding since it's ovulation "break through" bleeding due to the hormonal change.
She said this should only last for about 2 to 3 days and after which I should be able to see some body temp change.

I shall monitor and hopefully it's like what she said and I look forward to a high body temp.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vitamin C

I've done a quick research on the benefits of Vit C and it's impact on fertility and pregnancy.

To my horror, high dosage of Vit C may be dangerous since it may induce miscarraige and also cause cervical mucus to dry up which may make hinder in baby making .........

In my last 3 preg, I could have unknowingly consumed up to 2000mg a day ........ could this be one of the cause of my loss ............

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Actual Blood Test Reading on 12 Jan'10

Yesterday I went to KKH to get my Microgynon prescription.
I was there at abut 12 noon and the crowd was gone.
The nurse who attended to me was Angeline so I asked her about my actual blood test reading on CD2 12 Jan.

I was really surprised that my FSH was 2.7 and E2 at 622.
          Pre-menopausal    Post-menopausal
FSH      1.35 - 17.06          2.42 - 147.95
E2            77 - 2382           < 37 - 103

This is a very good reading and I think my effort seems to have paid off.
I've done regular jogging, careful on my diet, take health supplements (DHEA, COQ10, Vit B etc), TCM (accu and herbs).

I've showed the test result to my TCM and she was very pleased but she think my E2 could be too high.
Anyway, she told me there's no major side effect of high E2 and told me not to be too worried.
She thinks I should be able to respond well to the puregon stimulation drug.

I'm looking forward to a smooth IVF process.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Serious revamping my blog

This morning, I took some time trying to understand the various gadgets available in the blogger and have discovered a few cool ones, for instance the counter and the Google new updates (to many season blogger, this must be basic knowledge).

I only started blogging in Aug'09 when I lost my 3rd precious bb ......... I wanted to document down what I'm going thru at that point in time and hope to be able to make a journal of my subsequent TTC journey.

After writing for about 4 mths then I start to realise that there're alot more functions available.

I must really take some time to study the functionality and also study other people's blog to understand the usage better.

I'm like a little kid, really curious about everything ........... hope to learn more things.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This morning I told RY that I'm very worried about getting pregnant since I've had 3 miscarraiges already and not sure if I can have a successful pregnancy and bb delivery for the coming 4th try.

RY suggested that I seek some psychiarist help to take my fear away.
He also suggested that we talk to his mother and ask for her opinio on the direction.

Frankly speaking, I'm reluctant to seek MIL help as I dont want to be seen as a silly, useless & infertile DIL.

But I'm also at a loss ............
The phobia of my 3 previous losses is still haunting me ..........

God, pls give me strength to over come my fear and let me stand tall to push on ........
Pls help me and let me have a successul and smooth pregancy and delivery of my healthy & normal baby......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

KKH IVF Clinic

The clinic I'm receiving fertility treatment is KKH and have been with them since 2007 and my Dr is - Dr SF Loh.

I don't think this clinic offers excellent service but I stay with them since I managed to get pregnant thrice under Dr SF Loh, so I'm hoping for a 4th miracle and this time to have a successful pregnancy and delivery of my baby (babies).

I will be on lucrin for almost 21 days, in addition to Puregon for up to16 days. 
Once my lining and folicles size and qty is right, I'll be on this HCG jab to triger ovulation for ER (Egg Retriever) and 2 days later will be ET (Embryo Transfer).
Subject to my progesterone level, I may need more progesterone jabs.

The actual schedule as follows:
Day 1 : start of menses - call KKH IVF
Day 2 - Day 16 : Microgyon (birth control pills) x 16 days
Day 16 - Day 21 : Microgyon 5 days + subcut Lucrin 10 units x 5 days Total Microgyon 21 days
Day 21 - Day 30 : subcut Lucrin 10 Units 9 days Total 14 days Lucrin
- baseline scan & bloodtest for E2
Day 31 - Day 37 : subcut Lucrin 10 units x another 7 days
Day 38 - Day 44 : subcut Puregon 200 IU x 7 days + Lucrin 10 units
Day 45 (8th day of puregon)- Day 53 (16th day of puregon): subcut Puregon + Lucrin 10 units (dosage depends on growth of follicles) - 1st scan on 8th day of puregon; 2nd scan betwen 9th -12th days; 3rd scan between 13th - 15th day. When follicles reach 16mm, STOP Lucrin. Total 16 days puregon
Day 54 : IM pregnyl at night , ER 2 days later
Day 56 : Egg Retrieval
Day 57 - Day 58 : wait for fertilisation
Day 59 : Egg transfer
/ balance embroyo to freeze
Day 60 - Day 76 - return for progesterone blood tests (x3) - if more than 15 eggs collected, got to return for IM progesterone daily for 17 days. If less than 15 eggs collected, 4 x HCG jabs.
Day 77
: 17 days later, pregnancy test 

The estimated dates in calendar:
Day 1 : Sat 6 Feb
Day 2 to Day 16 : 7 to 22 Feb : Microgyon (birth control pills) x 16 days
Day 16 : Tue 23 Feb - start of lucrin + appt at KKH + Microgyon 5 days (23 to 27 Feb)
Day 30 : Tue 8 Mar - baseline scan & blooodtest
Day 38 : Mon 16 Mar - Start Puregon
Day 45: Tue 23 Mar - 1st Scan
Day 48 : Sat 26 Mar - 2nd scan
Day 51 : Mon 29 Mar - 3rd scan
Day 54 : Thur 1 Apr - IM pregnyl jab
Day 57 : Sun 4 Apr - ER
Day 59 : Tue 6 Apr - ET
Day 77 : Sat 24 Apr - pregnancy test

Blood Test Result on 12 Jan'10

Just received phone call from clinic that my fertility doc has reviewed by blood test result and instruct to proceed with IVF long protocol in Feb.

Long protocol means it'll take me total 6 to 8 weeks to complete the whole process.

This Saturday, I'll go to hospital to collect my conception pill prescription.

I'll post in detail the IVF schedule in the next posting.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health Supplement that I'm taking now

Just a summary of what health supplements I've been taking.

Cordycept pills (2 tabs in the morning empty stomach) for about 2 months.

After my morning shower (about 45mins interval), DHEA 2 x 25mg (about 2 months)
Take breakfast, then take 1 tab of COQ10 (50mg - about 2 weeks) + 2 tabs of Fish Oil

Reach office and settle down then take my TCM chinese herbs

After lunch, take 2 tabs each of  Brands schisandra and chicken essence, 1 tab each of Vit B complex, folic acid & eye bright.
Vit C 500mg during tea time

Evening before dinner, take another tab of DHEA (25mg)

After dinner, rest for an hour then take the TCM chinese herbs. 

Do you think I'm taking alot of supplements?
I hope I've managed to space out the supplements.
I really wish that the above can help boast my fertility well being.

CD2 Blood Test

This morning I went for my CD2 blood test.

Arrived at the clinic at 7.25am and was the 1st to draw my blood.

The nurse asked me if I'm taking any chinese herbs, I told her I'm currently taking cordycept capsules.
Not sure what's my test result, I hope it's a good one.

I shall update once I know the result.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stressed over the Dec Cycle

When I went to the TCM yesterday morning, she kept asking me if I'm very stressed at work, and my immediate response is No, in fact I've been rather free due to the festive season.

By the way, my mens came after 12pm - some brown spotting and some light flow at night.
Today, my mens is still very light and I'll go for my blood test this afternoon.

Then I think over, I'm not stressed over work, but is stressed due to the blood test to in the Jan cycle - I was instructed by the clinic to do a CD2/ CD3 blood test to to check on my FSH & E2 level.
I'm worried as not sure if DHEA or the chinese herbs have affected my FSH reading - hoping that it gives me positive impact - I need low FSH reading for this test!

I think the anxiety over the test result must have triggered by early mens - from 27 days to 26 days.

Sometimes ignorance maybe a blessing, if you dont know much then you wont be worried about certain things.

I remembered when I did my lst IVF in March 2008, I was ignorant about the procedure and only did per instruction of the doc and nurse ......... at that time was pretty stress free and my blood test result was pretty ok.
Then the 2nd IVF cycle in Nov 2008, again it was a bliss since I didnt research much.

Come this 3rd IVF cycle in Feb 2010, I'm not sure if I'll be under any stress since I've read up quite alot and is worried about my aging body's performance.......  
Maybe I shouldn't ready too much about fertibility related and hopefully I can pull it thru like I did in 2008 .......

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Browsing through the Blogs

Yesterday was a quiet day in the office and I was rather free so I browsed thru the blogs of the many strangers in this cyber space and I came across a couple of really nice ones - a father who share every moment of his child's lives and mothers who document down the growing up of their precious babies and the cooking recipe.

I was really happy reading thru those blogs and is hoping that one day I can do the same too .......

But right now, I can only blog about my cycles days, TCM, health supplements ......... when can I advance to sharing my baby joy?
I'm getting impatient for that day to come.

God pls help me to remain calm and saint in my mind and not get crazy .............

Temp drop on CD23 (8 Jan, Fri)

I think is Dec cycle is a no hope for me since my body temp drop from 36.6'c on CD22 to 26.3'c on CD23 and today CD24, my temp is 36.2'c.

Yesterday upon detection of the low temp I was hoping its a "one-off" incident and is hopeful for a high temp today.
Too bad it just remain low today and it seems like its a no hope to be preggy this time ......... looks like my mens will report on Tue since it'll be CD27.

I'm very sad ...........

On the Jan cycle CD 2/ 3, I'll be going to the hospital to do blood test to measure my FSH & E2 level to prepare for the Feb IVF treatment.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dec'09 Cycle

I'm quite hopeful to get pregnant this month since my fertile period falls during the festive season (X'mas and New Year) and RY was in mood to try.

Come next Tue 12 Jan, I'll know if I'll be preg since it'll be CD27 .........

Yesterday Monday was the 1st day of school for most of SG education instituions and it was raining heavily in the morning.

I was thinking the rain could have inconvenient many kids as they may get wet (just like siew mun zai).
I was thinking if there is this day that I'm seeing my kid to school, I'll let him/ her wear slipper & t-shirts/ shorts and bring his school uniform and shoes as well as towel to school to let him change once he reach school ...........
Then the child will not be wet or catch cold.

God, pls help me and let me be pregnant!
I'll be a good mother to my children.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why RY Raised his voice over the socks and TV?

Before we left for Ipoh last week, I've done some laundry and hang RY's washed socks on the hanger which I also hung my jeans to dry.

I've placed it nearer to the window knowing that RY doesnt like his socks to be trapped amongst the pile of clothes for dry.
Since I know we'll only keep the clothes after a week when we come back from Ipoh trip, I thought it should be ok.

2 days ago when RY kept the clothes, he saw his socks hung in the hangar together with my jeans, he was so furious and he shouted at me.

I was very upset, why he get so angry over a pair of socks ........

Yesterday, TCS 5 showed old MJ concert and we watched for awhile (after our Toro sashimi dinner).
But we both went to have our bath and off the TV (I used the bathroom in the bedroom while RY used the one in living room).
As I finished my bath earlier then RY, I went to turn on the TV to watch TCS 8 and RY upon hearing that the TV is on, he asked me to turn to TCS 5.
I told him, I'll let him have the TV once he's done with his bath and come to living room, which I did.

Once he came to the living room, he shouted at me for being inconsiderate since he wanted to "listen" to MJ's songs.
I told him, I went for my bath 10 mins earlier then him and he could have kept the TV on and no when I've finished my bath and turned it on then he quickly aksed for his MJ's channel.

He got so angry that he went to his study room and slam the door shut.

I'm really hurt, how could he get so upset and raised his voice at me over a pair or socks and a TV programme?
Are they more important then me?

Sometime, it make me wonder if we should stay married ..............
If I'm being inconsiderate

Anti-aging Supplements

I forgot to update that I've bought the DHEA on line from iHerb and only cost me about SGD45/= for 4 bottles of 21st Century brand @ 90 tabs per bottle.

I've been taking 3 tabs for about a month and realise that my skin is getting oilier now.
I got zips on my chin and lips areas and my hair get really oily after 12 hours of washing.

Last week I also started this COQ10 supplement from Blackmore - 1 tab in the morning.
I've paid SGD88.50 for 2 bottles and there's 60 tabs per bottle.
COQ10 is supposed to help in heart functioning and cell repair.
I checked that Blackmore Conceive Well Gold supplement has this COQ10 60mg in it, so i guess it should be important in fertility enhancement.

I'm hoping that by taking such anti-aging supplements, I can improve my fertility.

In 2 weeks time, I'll be doing FSH blood test and not sure if it'll show good level.
Pls wish me good luck!

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year!
I wish a Better year then last and hope that all of our dreams and wishes can come true (my dream of being a Mummy can materlise)!

Yesterday 1 Jan 2010, we started the day by bring mum to Guan Ying Temple in Bugis to pray then we went to Red Star for Dim Sum breakfast.

RY brought me to Beach Road for Bak Kuet Teh for lunch and then we went to Iluma and Bugis Junction to shop.
We also went to Orchard since RY wanted to go to Borders.
As it was 1st day of the year, Isetan had imported big Tuna fresh from Japan.
I'd bought some sushi and sashimi as our New Year dinner.
RY was upset that I've paid > SGD100/= on the fishes.
It was really tasty but we cant finish so we send some to mum for her to sample.

This morning, we brought mum to another Guan Ying Temple in River Valley - Ju Shi Ling.
We had intended to have our vegeterian breakfast there (FOC food is served in this temple daily), but as it was too early, the food is not prepared yet, so RY drove us to Hong Lim food centre.
Most of the stalls were not opened and we ended eating very lousy prawn noodles from this stall call Ah Hui Big Prawn Noodles.
It was lousy and cost us $4 per bowl.

Now we're home R&R and RY is ready news papaer while I'm updating my blog.