Thursday, October 29, 2009

2nd Menstration

I wonder why my mens flow is so light and last only for 3 days ......
Not sure what's wrong with me.

CD1 was on Sunday and by Tue (CD3), my mens was already pretty clear.

I hope everything is fine ........ not sure if the TCM medicine has any impact ........

Monday, October 26, 2009

2nd Mens after D&C

My 2nd mens came yesterday - 25 Oct Sunday!

The TCM doc suggested that I start taking body temp and taking her herbs to improve on my health.

Today (CD2), I took my temp and it was 36.2'c and her medication is really bitter.

Excuse me, are you still schooling?

Yesterday while waiting for RY to get some bread for this week's breakfast, I went to Guardian to get a thermometer.

I was looking up and down but still cant find it then I approached the sales assitant for help.
She directed me to ge the thermometre and then she asked, "excuse me, are you still schooling?"

I was shocked that she think I'm still at school so I asked her what level she think I'm studying now, and she said I looked like a university student because of my short hair and big square bag.  I told her I'm not a student and have been working for some years already.

I was very happy and offered to buy her a coffiee.

She has made my day!

Travel Fair on 25 Oct 2009

Yesterday (Sunday) RY and myself went to Suntec for the Chan Brothers Travel Fair.
We were surprised to also see ASA, Dynasty & CTC also at Suntec/ Marina Sq to held their in-house fair.

We were considering to go Egypt via either Chan Bros or ASA since the price and similar, during 2010 CNY.
We were at the fair since 11am (went to TCM at 9am for my accupuncture) and it was tough decision.
We went for lunch in Republic Foodcourt and had fried hokkien mee as well as carrot cake.
We went back to make further enquiries.

But as we cant make up our mind since RY is contemplating to go back Ipoh during CNY or go tour, we decided to go home to rest and ponder about it.

We went to Pizza Hut near our house for chocolate cake (with a scope of ice cream).
Yummy .......... I must say that the new dessert in Pizza Hut is rather good.

We reach home at 4.30pm and we looked thru the tour pamphlet and then finally decided to go with Chan Bros to Egypt.

At 6pm, we drove back to Suntec and make a final enquiry at ASA and Chan Bros and then went ahead to book the tour with Chan Bros as the price is better = SGD2,438 via SG (exclude taxes).

As we book rather late, we've missed to chance to get free luggage bag offered by Citibank.

Then we proceeded to having Japanese dinner at Republic foodcourt.

We had 2 bento sets (1 sashimi/ sushi set and 1 beef set) and the total cost being $34, which is value for money.

We're really happy to book the Egypt tour since we've been planning to go Egypt for 5 years

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trying to get pregnant is very difficult ..........

I've been very unhappy for the past few days.
I was ovulating since last Sat but RY was not insterested to be intimate with me.
My doc had recommended that I tried naturally to get pregnant during the last visit.

I didnt dare to tell RY about my ovulation as I didnt want to stress him.
Thru out the TTC journey of the last 4/ 5 years, we'd quarrelled over this.
I had tried telling him about my ovulation and he would be very upset since he had to get into bed to try to make me pregnant, and many times he couldnt perform and we'd be unhappy which strained our relationship.

Last sunday night, I tried to ask him to turn to bed early (hoping that we can BD), but he shouted at me asked me to go away so that he can be alone in the study room.
I was very upset and refused to talk to him on Monday morning.
I had missed the "window" period to get pregnant and I feel "unwanted".
On Monday morning, I'd suggested a divorce since he doesnt seem to want or need me.
He certainly doesnt show any concern about me

Last evening, he apologised to me telling me he was sorry for shouting at me.
I told him, I'm angry not just because of the shouting, it was because he's lacked of concerned.
Every night he'll shut himself in the study room while I stay alone either in the living or the bedroom.
I feel rejected and dont feel the love from him.

I went to the clinic to collect the anti-biotics to get rid of my gastirc bacteria as I was thinking since there's no hope of pregnancy this month, I might as well start the course of anti-biotics now.

RY fetched me from clinic to mum's place for dinner and we didnt talk.

As usual, after dinner when we got home, he shut himself in the study room and leave me alone.

I was upset and my mind was spinning with the thoughts that we're not meant for each other.

I looked out of the window and sudenly feel like going to the garden for a walk.

I changed me sleeping attire and leave the house and walked to the garden.
RY didnt follow me.

I was all by myself in the garden and pondering over my pregnancy journey and the 3 m/cs.
I cried over my 3 losses ........ my 3 poor babies.

It's really difficult to get pregnant and have baby!
My husband is not cooperative and he only make love to me when he wants it and most of the time he'll shut himself away from me, especially during the critical ovulation time. 
Maybe he thinks IVF can help and I only need to jab myself and go to the operating theatre to have baby.
I've gone thru 2 IVF fresh cycles and a FET and it's really no fun and full of sorrow and misery.
The multiple hormone jabs, scanning, blood test, as well as the wait of news to proceed to the various stages, egg retriever, embryo transfer and the 2 weeks wait of pregancy HCG blood test resilt is very stressful and taunting to the body/ mind.

I went back home about 20 mins later and RY was already in bed.

RY hugged me and initiated intimacy.
I'm not sure if he'll dumped me aside tonight and shut himself away from me ............

Come next month during the ovulation period, I think I may feel the blues again ......... sad over missing the chance to try to get preggy.

My next visit to the gynae is mid-Nov and should he ask me if I've tried naturally, I'll tell him "NO" and if he ask why I didnt try, I may tell him the truth "My husband doesnt want me ............"

Trying to get pregnant is really tough and I'm not sure if I can perservere and also for how long ...........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

St James - DragonFly

Do you believe if I tell you last Fri was my first visit to St James Power Station?

Jas & Est had agreed to meet up for a girls night out on last Fri about a month ago.
It was an eye-opener as its my first time to a night spot since 4 years ago ........... yep, its that long since I was obsessed with getting pregnant and didnt want to have any late nighte which may affect my sleep pattern.

I think the night scene is totally different from what it was years back when I was actively "lancing" in the discotheque.
There're many different bar in St James and we went to the Dragonfly.

We were there about 10.30pm and its already pretty packed.  The cover charge is $15 for ladies and you get a stamp on your hand which allows you to "bar hop" throught out the night to the various clubs in St James.
The main distinction of the night club now compared to 5 years ago being - there's no dance floor, instead its a big stage right in the middle for the live show performance.
People are standing around and shaking their bom bom anywhere they can find space.
Retro music was played from 10.30pm till 12 mid-night, when the live performance starts.
The live show lasted about an hour then followed by DJ spinning the disc ............
Sad to say that most of the musics are unfamiliar to me so I just stood there watching the young people lancing ............ About an hour later, the live show continue ............

We waited till about 2.30am to go home.

Its really an experience after disappearing from the night scene for so long.
I look forward to another girls night outing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Saline Sonography

Today I went to hospital to do saline sono test, which was the 3rd time I do the test (after each D&C, my gynae would send me to do this test).
This test was ordered by my Doc since he want to check if my womb is healing well.
This test to be done within 10 days of 1st day of menses.

I called up the hospital on 30 Sept and they've given me the time slot on 6 Oct 9am.

This morning I arrived at the hospital at 8.30am and the nurse did my registration and bring me to the doc to sign the consent form.
The doc who performed the saline sono for me is Dr Ong and she was the doc who did my 1st saline sono in Aug 2008 and the 2nd time in Feb 2009 was performed by Dr Lam. 
I personally think that Dr Ong is a better doc then Dr Lam.
The actual process commenced at 8.50am and it finished at 9.30am.
The bill was $182/=.

I went to the Guan Ying temple to do my prayer before I took a cab to work.
The cab fare today was $13/=.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weight update

After 3 weeks of exercise, it's disappointed to say that my weight is still 50kg .......
When will I get to 47kg .......... I just wanna shed 3kg only.

Hopefully by Dec, there'll be improvement!

Actual Day of Mooncake Festival Party - 3 Oct Sat

The party on Saturday was a success!

Due to the annual close, I gotta work at home in the afternoon from 2pm to 5.30pm.
After the mooncake shopping, I quickly rush home to work on the annual reporting.
Finally cleared some work till 5.30pm then had my shower and change.

Sis (Cat) helped me collected the food from BBQ House from Ubi and they arrive at about 6pm.
RY went to fetch mum and sis (Khim) and Joseph (nephew) over.
The kids went swimming in the pool.
We had wanted to have the party in the garden in my condo but just when we're about to start to lay the food on the table, there was a slight drizzle.

I immediately get my sis (Ade) to bring the food up to my apartment.
It was the right decision as half hour later, it was pouring cats & dogs ..........

We layed the table and start feasting while waiting for the kids to return from the pool.

The catered food from BBQHouse was surprisingly good.
The portion is also very good and we've alot of left over despite the order was for 10 paxs.
I think the portion is good for 12 to 15 paxs.
I'll definitely order from BBQ House again.
Food ordered ($104.50):
Veg mee hoon for 10 paxs
curry vegetable for 10 paxs
buffalo wings - 30 pcs
nuggets - 20 pcs
fishball - 20 pcs
spring roll - 20 pcs
chix satay - 50 sticks
Ketupak - 10 pcs
sambal chilie - 1 packet

I've also bought 4 bottles of drinks, cocktail nuts, chips, beer etc

The grand finale was the mooncake time (see previouse post on the mooncake pics).
I've bought 10 diferent flavours - durian, choco, blueberry cheese, green tea, champedek, mango, banana yogurt, strawberry yogurt and yam with pumkin.  Mum also brought 1 box of traditional lian rong flavour.
As we've excess, we've also given 1 box of the traditional flavour to our Korean neighbour.
She also gave her some of her home make kimchi and gass noodle which we ate is as next morning's breakfast.

After the mooncake feast, the childrean and myself with RY went to the garden to play with lantern and mini fireworks.

The party ended at about 10pm and RY send mum home.

It was such an enjoyable night and I look forward to another gathering with th family.

Niece - Shervone and Nephew - Siew Mun Zai

Whole family (exclude RY & myself not in picture)

Mooncake Shopping

Every year Takashimaya would have mooncake shopping fair in their B2 open space.
Its a good chance to sample various kind of mooncake at one go since all the major hotels, bakeries & restaurants would participate in the fair.

This year I went to the fair thrice; the first was last Monday 28 Sept to shortlist the flavours.

On Fri, we bought from Kia Hiang the mini snowskin mooncake (9 pcs in a box) which cost $36 after 10% discount, the first box consists of pure durian and the second consists of 4 choco, 2 blueberry cheese, 2 green tea and 1 durian; also bought from Golden Peoney a box of snowskin consists of 2 banana yogurt and 2 strawberry yogurt which cost $27 after 40% discount.

As my niece has requested for mango flavour, we've gone back to Taka on Saturday late morning to source for it as it was a sold out on the prevous day.
We bought from Goodwood Park 2 boxes of mangoes and champedek which cost $52 per box.
My mum loves yam so we also bought a box of yam with pumkin fried skin mooncake for her ($18 per box of 2 pcs)

See pictuers of the mooncakes.

Assortment of mooncake

Kia Hiang - 4 choco, 2 blueberry cheese, 2 green tea & 1 durian

Kia Kiang - 9 pcs snowskin durian

Goodwood Park - mixure of 2 champedek & 2 mango

Golden Peoney - mixture of 2 Banana Yogurt & Strawberry Yogurt

Shi Zhen - fried skin yam with pumkin

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Sat Party

This sat I'll host a mooncake festival party at my place.

Looking forward to it.
I've ordered some satay, mee hoon, chix wings, fish ball, chix nuggets, veg curry, baby squid, spring roll for the party.
I've ordered form BBQ House from Ubi.
Hopefully the taste is good.

I'll buy some nice mooncake on sat at Taka - thinking of getting drian, mango, yam flavour mooncake ........

I'll also get some chips, drinks and fruits from NTUC.

First Menstration after D&C

My mens finally came yesterday .......... it was a long wait and I was relieve that it finally came.

Yesterday I called up the hospital to make appointment to do Saline Sonogram next Tue morning.
So I'll go to office 2 hours later.