Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Day in KL

It was an exciting day because I nearly missed my bus to KL!

RY was really complacent that a Wed morning will be a smooth traffic day and he insisted having breakfast at home which resulted in us leaving the house at 6.55am.
It didn't help that one of the lift was out of order and the whole block of residences (29 floors with 4 units per floor) only got one lift to use during the morning peak hour.

I am supposed to reach WTS office at 7am for registration and bus to depart at 7.30am.
I quickly called up the agency telling them that i'll be late and they informed that the bus cant wait so I gotta reach their office in 10 mins time.

As we get o PIE, it was a horror to see massive traffic jam.
At 7.25am, I was at the corner turning into Orchard road from Scotts road.
Then my phone rang, it was the WTS staff asking if I am coming.
I told them I am less than 5 mins away and told them to wait.

I was lucky enough to reach WTS office for the registration by 7.30am.
It was embarrassing to see other passengers waiting at the bus for me and the driver.
But we managed to drive off at 7.35am.

The journey was very pleasant.
The bus was a 28 seaters coach but there were only 7 passengers.
We stopped at Yong Peng at 10am for 20 mins and then arrived KL Mid Valley at 1pm.
As I chose to alight at Berjaya Time Square which was the next stop, so I only reached at about 1.30pm.

So i walked around I BJT mall and had my lunch before I catch a taxi to SIL place.

I am glad that I made it to KL safe and sound.
Lesson learnt - Gotta leave home early to catch the bus!

First day of being a SAHHM

29 Mar 2011 marked the 1st day of being a SAHHM.
I didn't go for my morn exercise and instead had breakfast with RY then do some house cleaning to pack those stuff that I brought back from office.
Basically to tidy up the house.

At about 11am then I left home for Bugis temple - Si Ma Lu Guan Ying temple.
From Bugis I walked to Orchard road as I have an appointment with my beautician to do IPL for hair removal service.
The walk was relaxing and nice, it just took me about 25 mins to get there by foot.
This journey proved to be useful as I get to find out where Hotel Grand Central is, so that I can get there in time to catch my coach to KL which is operated by WTS.
I ve chosen WTS over other coach operators since it's departing from Orchard instead of Golden Mile which is more convenient for me in terms of location.
The price of single trip ticket is S$35 and if you re getting the return ticket, it will cost S$65.
I only get one way tix to KL since RY will be coming this Fri and we'll go back together on Monday.

After my IPL treatment, I went to run some errands like banking etc.
I didn't eat proper lunch but I got myself some snacks like Crystal Jade's cha siew puff and Beard PaPz cream puff for my nephews as I am visiting my mom.

Went to mom's place to feel the motherly love and also the comfort from her.
Then I went to Daiso for some shopping and picked up some cute Japanese stationery, kitchen supplies and snacks for SIL in KL.

Only managed to reach home at about 5.30pm then quickly change bedsheet and get ready to prepare dinner.

After dinner, I quickly packed for my KL trip and only get to bed at about 12 midnight.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Beginning!

Today mark the last day of my working life (I am not sure if I'll get back to work again after this break ........ So it may be the last day).

The feeling is very weird and I don't know how to describe it.

Tomorrow I think I will still wake up per normal at 6am and laze around till it's time to go for my morning exercise at 7am.
Then I will either go library or temple ...... Or go shopping .......

This Wed I will take a coach to KL to meet up my in-laws to visit an auntie who is currently hospitalize.
RY can't go with me since he has to work but he'll drive up to KL on Fri.
Being jobless now, means I can control my timetable and need not worry about work or reporting due dates.
I am my own boss but with no salary lor.

I need to think of how to make use of my free time better.
Maybe I can do some charity volunteering work?
Let me slowly think about it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Counting down to be a SAHHM!

My official last day of work falls on 28 Mar and from the next day onwards I'll be a jobless "stay at home hope-to-be mum" (SAHHM)!
Not sure if this is a universal term but I've created this term to give a new status of what I am going to be for the next phase of my life ......
Those non-working mum are known as SAHM - stay at home mum, so people like me who take break from work to try to conceive, would be known as SAHHM - Stay at home hope-to-be mum!

Frankly speaking, for the past few days I ve been rather stressEd up and have developed gastric problem.
I think the fear of uncertainty and no $$$$ after 28 Mar has great impact.
I ve never been jobless ever since I graduated from uni.
Upon graduation, I started work immediately in an audit firm and have never stopped working since then.
Each time when I changed job, the transition was merely a week's break in between, so I never had such fear of stopping work with no income.

I ve been trying to calm myself down, so I went for my usual exercise to have a quiet time by myself to think thru my rational of tendering my resignation.
I believe I am doing the right thing, I just need to have faith in it!
I must believe in my decision.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Tsunami

Last Fri was just an ordinary Friday to many of us but it was a tragic one for Japan as they experienced strong earthquake and powerful tsunami.

The pics of the badly affected area really shocked many of us!
Not only many Japanese lost their homes, they now fear of nuclear radiation after the nuclear plant exploded.

Japan is one of my favorite country and its painful to see the destruction nature had left behind this beautiful country.

Lets pray for the victims and wish Japan a "speedy recovery"!
With their strong will and determination, I am sure they can rebuild their homes soon .......

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Song update - Kuai Le Tian Tang

This song brings back fond memories.
I think I was in Primary or Secondary school when I first heard this song.
When I was in NTU Hall choir, we always performed this song during our hall celebration event.
This version is nice as it's by a group of primary school children and the animation is very interesting too.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I shared with RY my fear about being jobless and he assured me that I have done the right thing by quitting my job.
This is the kind of support I need from my husband!
I hope I'll not doubt my decision again .......

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fear of being Jobless

This morning I woke up at 4+am and can't go back to sleep.
The fear of being jobless crept in .......
It's scary to have no income and it could be a life time retirement since once I am used to the jobless lifestyle, I may not want to go back to work.

What have I given up by tendering the piece of letter?
1 a career
2 5 figured monthly salary
3 big corner office
4 car, phone & black berry and medical benefits
5 a job title that I can be recognized & associated with
6 colleagues
7 financial independence
8 application of my knowledge
9 job challenge which helps to stimulate my creativity
10 on going trainings & knowledge acquire through working
11 etc

On 2nd thought, am I happy with what I have (those items stated above) but no children to
share this joy?

Money is important but there are some other things which are even more precious .......
I know I am making the best decision at this point in time, it may not be the right or good one, but something needs to be done..........

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weight Update

I am please to announce that I am now weighing at 46kg.
This is 4kg reduction!

No special diet, just eat normal meals and do regular exercise.
But when I've eaten big & heavy lunch, I will skip dinner that night.

I think the cold weather in NY/ Canada could have helped in burning fats stored in my body.

So if you wanna lose some weight, you may want to consider traveling to the cold countries.