Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mummy was sick

Last Friday, I woke up with a heavy head and aching body.
I thought I'll be ok to perform the daily task, so I cooked for bb, did some house cleaning, woke bb up and fed her milk then bathed her.

But towards lunch time, I was feeling really tired and lousy and quickly text RY to come home for lunch to feed bb as I was really sick to do anything.
I was lying on the sofa while bb played in the living room and she would come to me and asked me to play with her.  Being really weak and sick, I just stared at her and didnt do anything.
My bb was frustrated as she couldn't get mummy to play with her, so she walked up n down and threw her toys all over to seek my attention.

My good husband came home at 12.30pm to feed bb Rae and also bought me mee hoon soup for lunch.
After feeding bb, he rushed back to work.

I was so sick that I slept in the afternoon together with bb and I woke up in time to cook bb's porridge for dinner.
RY came back early to cook dinner for us.

He took care of bb while I turned in early for the night.

The next morning, I woke up with painful throat and then realized that I was having tonsillitis.
I drank plenty of water and recovered by Sunday.

The last time I was so sick was last year June when I was down with rota virus infection.

I always took great care of myself as I fear to fall sick since I am the sole care giver of bb Rae.
Fortunately RY was in town so he was able to help out.
I can't imagine what will happen if he is on biz trip ..........

Note to self, must really take good care of my own health for the sake of my bb and hub!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ok, we'll go to School!

We've finally decided to send baby Rae to school and she'll start on 2 Sept for half day class.

The school allows a 2 weeks trial period and in the event that baby doesn't like it, we can withdraw her.

During the registration, I've raised few concerns to the Principal and she assure me that my worries are trivial and can be easily resolved.

These are my concerns:
1 Baby Rae is still unable to self feed
Principal : the teacher will feed her till she is able to self feed and usually with peer learning, she'll pick up the skill fast.

2 Baby Rae prefers soft diet and chew her food thoroughly so she eats really slow
Principal : she is an active toddler and requires lots if energy to be active, should encourage her to eat more solid diet and the teacher will be patient in her feeding.

3 Baby Rae is very active and can't sit still, so may not be able to blend well with the school system
Principal : it's normal for kid like her to run around and many kids started this way and gradually get used to the school routine

4 Baby Rae is very expressive so she may make loud noises if things r not to her liking.
Principal : it's normal for young toddler to make nose as they have not master the right communication skill. They'll learn through teaching and playing.

5 Baby Rae is tall and strong to her age and may exert too much force on other kids, like pushing or patting hard.
Principal : the teachers will observe and ensure the safety of the kids and do corrective action should they spotted any pushing or beating incidents.  Teacher will feedback the incident in class to parents but will not reveal the "culprit" identity so as not to victimized the child.

6 If due to emergency we're not able to pick baby up by 1pm, what should we do?
Principal : Arrangement can be made for the parents to fetch the child later if due to emergency, but not on frequent basis.

We're pretty satisfied with the Principal's replies and went ahead with the enrollment instantly.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A day out in RWS

I've won free tickets to SEA aquarium in RWS from CIMB bank and need to collect the tix by this Wednesday. The tickets are valid for 180 days.
So yesterday, I brought BB Rae to RWS by MRT and bus (I hardly take taxi as I think it's pretty costly to me, moreover we lives in town so public transport is pretty accessible).

I brought a stroller with me since I think it's useful to stroll her around the big RWS compound.

We took a MRT to Harbourfront station and changed to RWS bus transfer,
It was pretty tough to handle a baby, a pram, diaper bag and her lunch bag (brought porridge to feed as I'm limiting her in take of outside preservative, MSG and other additives laden food). 
Boarding the bus is always a real challenge as the entrance of SG buses are pretty narrow with a railing divider.

We collected the SEA Aquarium tickets and then went to lunch in McDonald.
We walk around the big compound before we head home.

We took the RWS bus transfer out of Sentosa then took a direct bus back home.

Baby was really tired from the running around and had a good nap when we reached home.

It isn't easy to bring a child out alone and I do hope people will be more compassionate to lend a helping hand if they ever see a struggling mum in need ......... A simple gesture of opening the door or pressing the lift "Open" button would definitely help!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

School or No School

My baby is 19 months old and next week, she will be 20 months.

I am in a dilemma whether to send her to preschool.
In SG, 18 months old toddler can attend preschool or child care for either half a day or full day.

I've found an ideal school for BB Rae and is able to enroll her anytime but am still pondering which is best, should I send her to school now or defer her till she turns 30 months or older?

I feel that baby is not learning much when she stays at home and I certainly doesn't want to make her a TV addict.
I am always tired as I gotta wake up in the middle of the night to comfort her as she tends to wake up in her dream.  During daytime, I will do housework, cooking and laundry and can't do much teaching as I am burnt out.

I feel sorry for my baby that she has to follow me around at home watching me cook or I will turn on the TV to keep her occupied.
If she goes to school, she has playmates and get to learn while I get some rest.........

But sending her to school may mean that she will get sick easily.
I'm also afraid she may not be able to adapt well in the school environment as she has me around most of the time.

Am in a dilemma ..........

What should I do?

Teething Bleeding

Bb Rae is considered slow when it comes to teething.
She had her 1st tooth when she was 8 months old and when she was 1year old, she only had 2 upper and 2 lower front teeth.
Then when she was 14 months old she had 4 upper and 4 lower front teeth.
Her molars only came out few days ago (last Monday) while we were in Ipoh for the long weekend vacation.
Her 1st upper right molar erupted on Monday then 2 days later the other 2 appeared at the same time, now awaiting for the left lower molar to come out.

Last Friday (we were still in Ipoh) while cleaning her teeth after milk, I saw blood stains on the handkerchief.
I was shocked as this has never happened when she had her front teeth.
The bleeding lasted for about 3 days and it finally cleared yesterday.

I checked up the Internet that this is teething bleeding as the big molar pushes its way up and out on the surface.
A check with my other mummy friends confirmed that this is normal.

According to the dentist, baby will experience most discomfort when the canies teeth erupted.
I hope that Baby Rae will be spared from any teething agony (a simple wish of a mummy)!

Update on 18 Sept:
Bb's left lower molar came up when she turned 20 months old and few days ago, her left upper canie tooth eruptef, so now left with three canies and the last 4 molars which should appear when she is about 2 and 2.5 years old respectively.