Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today 27 Feb

Last night I slept rather late at about 1.30am since we attended company CNY dinner and came home about 12 mid-night.

Not sure what happened but I was awoke at 5.30am .......
I was wondering why and then I realised it must be due to today being 27 Feb ........
It's mixed feeling ........ I think I must be self-blaming for the lost of Angelina, at the same time worried about the new IVF cycle's outcome as I'm commencing stage 1 in March.

I waited till the sky is bright and go for my morning exercise and then went to get breakfast for RY.

We also went to KKH to collect my Lucrin since gotta start stage 1 jabbing on 3 March.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

27 Feb is a Memorable Date ..........

This Sat is a memorable date .......... cos its 27 Feb and last year the same day, I did a D & C procedure as my dearest Angelina's hearbeat stopped .........

27 Feb is also my wedding anniversary ........... not sure how I'd feel that day or whether to celebrate or to grieve over my loss ...........

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Important Key Supplements for Fertility

This is extracted from:

The following is a list supplements for fertility that support reproductive health and that when integrated to a healthy diet and life style can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble anti-oxidant and protects fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A and E from being oxidized. So it works best when taken in combination with other anti-oxidants. Women should avoid high dose of vitamin C because it can dry up cervical fluid, preventing sperm from reaching the egg. Vitamin C improves hormone levels and increases fertility in women with luteal phase defect. The recommended amount in women is less than 500 mg. Among all the vitamins for women, Vitamin C is one of the most important because it helps absorb Iron. Make sure you look for a natural source of Vitamin C like from Acerola berries.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential for fertility and reproduction. The recommended amount is 400-800 IU per day. Talk to your doctor prior to starting Vitamin E, particularly if you are currently taking aspirin or other blood thinners. Vitamin E is also very useful to women as it seems to prevent miscarriages.

Note: Make sure your vitamin E comes from a 100% natural form of vitamin E that is in the all natural d-alpha Tocopherol form. Synthetic forms of vitamin E are not well assimilated and metabolized by the body. Vitamins for fertility should always come from natural sources.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for the utilization of proteins, minerals, and other vitamins. The best sources for Vitamin A can be found in Cod Liver Oil. Vitamin A has important antioxidant properties, and the consequences of Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy can be devastating. Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes in babies. Do not take high doses of vitamin A if you are trying to get pregnant because it can cause birth defects. Please, consult with a qualified nutritionist. Supplements for fertility often contain Beta-carotene, which does not carry any risks. When vitamin A is in the form of retinol you should not take more than 2,500-5,000IU. It has been found that retinol can cause birth defects if taken in excess of 10,000IU a day during pregnancy. Retinol should not be consumed before conception in high doses. Many creams contain retinol. This compound enters your body through your skin and it accumulates in your liver. Check your cosmetics!

Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is a pigment present in vegetables like sweat potatoes and carrots and is converted into vitamin A in the human body. Beta carotene is present in high concentration in the corpus luteum and is a key supplement in the regulation of hormones and women's reproductive cycle.

Vitamin B Complex

When people think about vitamins for women, the B vitamins is what comes to mind first. Take a good B-complex supplement that supplies 25 to 50 milligrams of each of the major B vitamins daily. These vitamins for women are vital in restoring hormonal balance. Vitamin B6 can help women who are having problems conceiving, as this vitamin helps balance progesterone levels. Make sure you take all the vitamin of the B complex to prevent imbalances from occurring as these vitamins are meant to work together.

Folic Acid

This is one of those supplements for fertility and pregnancy that you cannot go without. Folic acid is known to prevent spina bifida in your future baby. This nutrient is very important to take before becoming pregnant and through pregnancy. Folate is just one B vitamin of the B-complex and should be taken in conjunction with Vitamin B12 especially. All the others B vitamins that make up the B-Complex are necessary to insure optimum health. The recommended dosage for folic acid is from 400 mcg up to 1 mg a day.


Para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA is part of the B-Complex family. This compound is essential in increasing pregnancy in women with mineral and vitamins deficiencies. To treat infertility, the recommended dosage is 400mg a day.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids, found in black currant seed oil, borage oil, evening primrose oil, and flaxseed oil, are required for normal glandular activity. EFA are especially important for women who are following a low-fat diet. Take 500 to 1,000 milligrams of any of these oils two or three times daily.

Omega 3 EFAs

Omega 3 Fish oil is very important for the female reproductive wellness. Omega 3 fish oil helps maintain a healthy hormonal balance, aids in infertility by increasing the quality of fertile mucus and its production, prevents miscarriages and pregnancy complications. It also helps brain, eye and nervous system development in the foetus during gestation. When taken during breastfeeding, Omega 3 fish oil helps prevent postpartum depression and contributes to increase IQ in breastfed babies. 

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a wonderful food supplement to promote fertility. This is an important essential fatty acid that can be safely taken during pregnancy and during the second half of your cycle if you are trying to conceive. It is used to treat menstrual cramps, infertility and endometriosis. Flaxseed oil contains hormone-balancing lignans and plant estrogens, called phytoestrogens, that help stabilize a woman's estrogen-progesterone ratio. In addition, the essential fatty acids in flaxseed oil can inhibit prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that, when released in excess amounts during menstruation, can cause the heavy bleeding associated with endometriosis. DHATaking docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) prior to conception ensures optimum brain development. DHA is an EFA that helps with the formation of the brain in utero. It also has important anti-inflammatory properties helping decrease dysmenorrhea and endometriosis. Recommended daily dose is 400mg. Should be taken with vitamin E.

Mineral Supplements for Fertility


Among all the vitamins for women, calcium is definitely a very important one especially in preparation for conception because it helps build up calcium stores needing during pregnancy. Calcium also helps to alkalize the body, which is favorable to the sperm and fertilized egg. For optimal health, women need at least 1,500 mg of calcium a day.


The most important function of zinc is to play a role in the synthesizes of nucleic acids DNA and RNA, which are essential during cell division, tissue repair and embryo development. It is important to have adequate zinc during pregnancy to prevent miscarriages, low birth weight and birth defects. The recommended daily dose is 25-30 mg.


Chromium is the major mineral involved in insulin production, a lack of this mineral interferes with glucose metabolism. Chromium supplementation can improve glucose tolerance factor related to polycystic ovary dysfunction. The recommended dosage is 400-600 mcg per day.


Iodine is a very important mineral that supports thyroid functions. A lack of this mineral in your diet can lead to low thyroid function and decreased fertility.


Many multi vitamins for women contain iron because iron is considered essential as a blood building nutrient that helps increase fertility by supporting ovulation. The best form of iron is from a whole food supplement. Synthetic versions tend to be constipating. Women need around 30 mg if deficient. Do not take iron with calcium. Iron is best taken separate from your other vitamins.

More Key Supplements for Fertility


L-Arganine is an amino acid important blood flow to the uterus, ovaries and genitals. It is used in women to create a healthy environment in the uterus for embryo implantation. It increases the quality of cervical mucus increasing the production of stretchy, egg-white-like fertile mucus.

Lactobacillus acidophilus

Many women suffer from Candida infestation. Some do not even know they do. Taking acidophilus supplementation every day will help control Candida overgrow, but also prevents yeast infection during pregnancy and post partum. Many cases of vaginal thrush during pregnancy develop into oral thrush in newborn babies. This can be prevented simply by taking acidophilus supplementation. Please do!


Selenium is an antioxidant that helps to protect your body from highly reactive chemical fragments called free radicals. For this reason, selenium can prevent chromosome breakage, which is known to be a cause of birth defects and miscarriages. Good levels of selenium are also essential to maximise sperm formation. Blood selenium levels have been found to be lower in men with low sperm counts.

Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose oil is more of a herbal product, but it is often listed as part of important vitamins for women. It is commonly used to alleviate pre-menstrual syndrome, It also helps in the production of fertile quality cervical mucus. If you are trying to get pregnant do not take Evening primrose oil after ovulation because it can cause uterine contractions. Make sure you are charting your fertility signs to know when you are ovulating. The recommended dosages are 1500 - 3000mg per day.

Digestive Enzymes

Many people suffer from impaired digestion and do not assimilate nutrient effectively. Taking digestive enzymes ensures full utilization of all nutrients

Summary Table: Nutrients for You & Your Partner

Folic acid 400mcg 400mcg
Zinc 30mg 30mg
Selenium 100mcg 100mcg
Fish oil 1000mg 1000mg
Vitamin B6 up to 50mg up to 50mg
Vitamin B12 up to 50mcg up to 50mcg
Vitamin E 300-400iu 300-400iu
Vitamin C 1000mg 1000mg
Vitamin A up to 2300iu -
Manganese 5mg 5mg
L-arginine - 300mg
L-carnitine - 100mg
L-Taurine - 100mg

Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Fat!

After 5 mths of exercise, I'm still 50kg!
I've been running about 3 to 4 times weekly (except when it's ovulation period till CD 1 of the next mens).
So effectively 2 weeks jog and 2 weeks break ...........

Why no further weight lost?
I will try to lose some weight by end March, and shall update then!

Quit my Job?

Today RY asked me to quit my job to concentrate on my fertility treatment.

I told him I'm all ready to quit as long as he's ready to support me and give me allowance which he agrees, but it'll be just a token sum.
I told him I'll resign any time once I think my work is too hectic to cope .........

I think I wont resign till my baby is born to be a SAHM as I believe in caring my own baby.
A healthey & normal baby is the best gift to all Mother and Mother's tender loving care is the best gift for all babies .........

To be honest, I'm worried of over dependence single source of income since SG is a rather expensive country to live, some say it's a place "where you can die but not fall sick"!

Hey, dont think I'm kidding, many fellow sporean will agree with the above statement.

But having said that, I'll still quit for the sake of my baby!
At this moment, motherhood is the most important to me and money & career is secondary with the least priority ..........

TCM Updates on 21 Feb

Yesterday I went to the TCM and updated about my late cycle (mens at CD37) and the commencement of the birth control pills.

She aked if I'd like to take any chinese medication now till completion of IVF cycle and she wanted me to make the decision as she knew that KKH doesnt endorse the use of chinese medication.

She said I've to be comfortable with my own decision since IVF is a very stressful journey and she doesnt want to add unnecessary stress to me should I consume chinese herbs (what if the stimulation response is poor this time and I may blame myself for taking the herbs).

She was an experienced fertility doc/ surgeon in China and its common and part of the IVF protocol there to do acpuncture and medication concurrently before/ during & after IVF treatment.

After much consideration, I think I wont take the medication for fear of unnecessary worries on the stimulation impact.

The TCM kept telling me not to be stressed since I've done what I can and should let nature take its cause.

To be frank, would you not be worried after 3 successful pregnancy but end up in miscarraiges?

But true enough, I think I should/ must try to relax.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Praying to the Ancestor

This CNY as I was in Ipoh, I told RY that I'd like to pay respect to his late granny (MIL's mum) since her tablet is placed in Ipoh's temple.

So on Day 1 of CNY, the whole family (PIL, BIL, RY & myself) went to the temple to pray to the late granny.

We ernestly pray that she'll bless us with an offspring to RY's family .........

Actually the correct way should be to pray to FIL's parents since we chinese believe in carrying the family line (the father family name) ........... but it's rather challenging since the late FIL's parents' grave are in Cameron ......... maybe this Ching Ming we can try to cooincide to drive back to Cameron with PIL, but subject to our working schedule.

According to MIL, this was what she did when she was trying to get preggy 30 yrs ago and upon praying to the husband's father ancestor, she got preg about a month later.

I hope the late ancestors do understand our wish and kindly grant it to us ............

Friday, February 19, 2010

Interesting Fertility Blog to Share


I happened to come across this Fertility Blog and find it useful to share and for permanaent referencing.

Fertility Food

Fertility Food:

Pineapple - Contains bromelain which can act as a blood thinner, that can increase blood flow to the uterus. Bromelain is found in fresh pineapple, specifically in the core. Pineapple also contains selenium that helps to thicken the uterine lining and promote a healthy womb lining which aids with implantation.

Brazil nuts -- A top source of selenium, a vitamin that helps keep sperm cells healthy while also helping sperm motility and quality. Brazil nuts are also a good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect sperm cells against free-radical damage. Brazil nuts also help with implantation and to thicken the uterus lining.

Yams - Wild yams are said to be a fertility superfood that have also been linked with multiple births. A tribe in Africa whose diet consists mostly of yams was recently found to have exceptionally high rates of twins and multiple births. Yams are thought to contain chemicals that stimulate hyperovulation, increasing your chances of conceiving.

Maca - A fertility superfood from Peru which helps to balance the hormones, increase egg health, increase progesterone in the body, increase sperm count and health, and is a tonic for the endocrine system.

Royal Jelly - A fertility superfood which is said to increase egg health, quality of egg, and general fertility. It is rich is vitamins, calcium, iron, amino acids and immune stimulating properties. Interestingly, royal jelly is the food that is fed to the queen bee which is what makes her the queen bee. She goes on to live 6 years and lays up to 2000 eggs per day. Other bees live less than two months.

Bee Propolis and Bee Pollen - Two fertility super foods that are rich in nutrients to help the immune system, and it also helps women who have endometriosis.

Whole grains - Whole grains such as oats, brown rice, whole wheat and quinoa are complex carbohydrates that contain an abundance of B and E vitamins that are essential for cellular reproduction, hormonal balance and the production of healthy ova and sperm. Women should be sure to eat lots of oatmeal.

Oily Fish - Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are the best source of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 which play an important role in regulating reproductive functioning, improving blood flow and enhancing sperm quality and mobility.

Full Fat Dairy - Research has found that women who eat at least one portion of full fat dairy a day are significantly less likely to suffer from fertility problems that those who eat half fat or non dairy options. Whole dairy is a great source of calcium which is important in the development and maintenance of the nervous system, bones and blood. Great sources are whole milk, whole yogurt, cheese, ice cream. Have fun eating up!

Olive Oil -- Provides a rich source of vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and an essential fertility nutrient for both men and women as it improves the viability of sperm and helps to regulate both ovulation and the production of cervical mucus and healthy hormone functioning.

Garlic - Contains an abundance of fertility boosting nutrients which enhance male fertility and help prevent the chromosome breakage that may play a role in early miscarriage. Garlic also contains vitamin B6 which helps to regulate hormones and strengthens the immune system.

Blueberries - A superfood loaded with antioxidants. They are a natural disease fighting food, high in fiber, and contain a potent dose of proanthocyanidins beneficial for cognitive function, cardiovascular, and reproductive health.

Avocados - One of the most potent antioxidants and disease fighting foods available.

Green tea -- This one is controversial, because it contains caffeine, which is a fertility no, no. But, if you are so inclined to have a cup, this miracle tea contains antioxidants useful for cancer protection and, if taken regularly, can help to lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar balance and increase your energy and fertility.

Wild Fresh Salmon -- A miracle food that is extremely high in essential fatty acids. All of the cell membranes in the body are comprised of fatty acids and our brain is over 70% fatty tissues. These fats are crucial for a healthy mind, memory, blood pressure regulation, and fertility enhancement.

Raw Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds - A great food for male fertility, as they contain high levels of zinc and essential fatty acids which are vital to healthy functioning of the male reproductive system. These seeds have been shown to help with male fertility. It is recommended that a man with a low sperm count eat 1/4 cup a day.

Almonds & Walnuts - these raw nuts are rich in healthy oils, zinc, selenium, and vitamin E that can increase sperm and egg quality.

Flaxseed - A miracle food that in known for it's cancer protective ability, along with providing a good source of fiber and essential fatty acids that will aid fertility.

Lean Red Meat - Lean red meat is a great source of iron which helps to prevent anemia, decreases the risk of ovulatory infertility and plays a role in the production and function of red blood cells. Red meat is also a good source of vitamin B12 which is essential in the maintenance and development of the nervous system.

Honey - Honey has been used to enhance fertility throughout history as it is incredibly rich in the minerals and amino acids that nourish the reproductive system and stimulate ovarian function.

Whey protein powder - Getting enough protein in your diet can have a huge effect on fertility. If you do not get enough protein in your diet, consider a protein powder that is organic or raised without hormones and antibiotics, and the protein source should never be soy.

Spirulina - A tiny aquatic plant that has more protein than soy, more Vitamin A than carrots, more iron than beef, and is easy to digest.

Spinach - Spinach and other leafy greens are an excellent source of folic acid which is important in optimizing sperm production, facilitating regular, healthy ova production and helping to prevent neural tube defects during early pregnancy. It is also a great source of iron and vitamin C which helps to enhance sperm quality by protecting the DNA stored within it from damage.

Oysters -It is the abundance of zinc that gives it its fertility boosting qualities. Zinc is often considered to be the most important fertility nutrient as it has been shown to help with both healthy sperm and egg production.

Chillies - Have been known to increase the flow of blood around the body, ensuring that the reproductive system gets a healthy supply. Chillies also stimulate endorphin production which means more fertility boosting, stress releasing, happy hormones circulate around your body. But don’t eat them after ovulation/transfer.

Red, Orange, & Dark Geen Vegetables - Getting enough vegetables is important for boosting overall reproductive health.

Citrus Fruits- Contain folic acid and can help with fertility.

Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, garbanzo)-- A good source of protein that can aid with fertility.

Eggs - High in selenium to help create a healthy uterus for implantation. Also a great source of protein to help with egg and sperm quality.

Quinoa -- A superfood that is a great source of protein that is linked to fighting cancer and increasing fertility.

2 Liters of Filtered Water Per Day(preferably not bottles) -- It should be filtered and clean to help flush out toxins from the body and increase general reproductive health. Plastic bottles could have PCB chemicals that leak into the water and contribute to cancer and low fertility.

** Remember to take a prenatal vitamin daily with extra folic acid.

** Try to buy organic wherever possible, because chemicals in non-organic foods have been linked to infertility. All vegetables and dairy should be organic. Fish should be wild, chicken should be free-range or organic, all red meats should be grass fed or organic, All grains should be whole and naturally grown.
Fertility Food No-no's:

No Regular Bananas -- If you eat bananas, which is a good thing, you must buy organic. There is pretty clear evidence that a common agricultural chemical used in growing bananas effects sperm morphology and motility---to the point of sterilizing farm workers. The chemical is absorbed into the growing fruit, so peeling it doesn't help. So make sure your bananas are organic men!

Cut out all Alcohol -- Alcohol can reduce your fertility by up to 50%.

Cut out Caffeine -- Caffeine in coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate has been shown to reduce male & female fertility. As little as one cup of coffee a day can cut your chances of conception in half.

Cut out Junk Food, Processed Foot and Saturated Fats -- This speaks for itself, but you need to be sure that your body is gaining nutrients from food, not empty calories.

Do Not Diet -- Even though it's tempting to want to fit into those new jeans, diets could be counterproductive to fertility.

Decrease Sugar -- Refined sugars not only make you gain weight but can disrupt your body's blood sugar levels. They will initially give you energy but later on you will suffer from an abrupt crash, and even more fatigue.

No Artificial Sweetener -- Although there has been a great deal of debate, studies have found that artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, may be linked to cancer and decreased fertility.

Watch your Herbal Supplements: Some people swear by herbs, but many doctors feel that you should cut all herbs while on fertility medications, because they can interfere with the process. This includes herbal teas, even chamomile. Instead try steamed milk, hot lemon with water, or apple cider!

After Ovulation/Transfer avoid Fish: Don't eat sushi or any raw fish. Avoid fish that have high mercury content due to their environment—including swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel, shark, and shell fish.

No Soft Cheeses after Ovulation/Transfer: Avoid cheeses such as brie, feta, and anything that is creamy or unpasturized.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Birth Control Pills (BCP) prior to IVF?

Have you wonder why BCP is usually given in the IVF long protocol?

I've done some research and found an answer there:

First, in patients who are known or suspected to be high responders, OCPs may help mitigate the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Second, in patients without predictable regular menstrual cycles, OCPs can be used in combination with Lupron to initiate an IVF cycle.

Third, some clinics use OCPs for microdose Lupron (MDL) flare, traditional flare, or patients who are taking Antagon in the hope that pretreatment with OCPs will prevent one follicle from growing faster than the other follicles once the stimulation has begun.

Given that prolonged OCP use can lead to oversuppression in low responders, it has to be used very carefully.

Now must try to relax and calm myself down ........

Since I've to start my IVF treatment next month, I should try to relax and calm myself down so that my hormone can be stabilised.

I must remind myself everyday and hopefully have a smooth sailing IVF journey and get pregnant soon (have a healthy prenancy and delivery healthy baby).

IVF is a very stressful journey!
Those who've gone thru it should understand what I mean.

The various stages is full of "excitement" and stress - from the initial scans, blood test, ER, ET & 2WW, pregnancy test etc ....... each time its an "heart attack" experience.

How did I manage to pass thru the stages during my previous IVF cycles?
Oh I was really ignorant then and didnt bother to read up nor check or ask the doc the scan or blood test result - just follow what they tell me to do.

I think being ignorant has its advantage, as it's less stressful.

However, as I've experienced IVF fresh cycle twice and FET once, m/c thrice, I've known too much to remain ignorant ..........

Maybe this time I should do the same by not asking any question about my follicles qty, size, blood test result etc ...........

Revised Estimated IVF Calendar

Due to the delayed Feb mens cycle, I gotta revise my IVF schedule.
The revised estimated dates in calendar:
Day 1 : Tue 16 Feb
Day 1 to Day 16 : 17 Feb to 3 Mar : Microgyon (birth control pills) x 16 days
Day 16 : Wed 3 Mar - start of lucrin + appt at KKH + Microgyon 5 days (4 to 8 Mar)
Day 30 : Wed 17 Mar - baseline scan & blooodtest (if hormone suppress ok, then to proceed stage 2 0n 19 Mar - Puregon/ Gonal F)
Day 38 : Thur 25 Mar - Start Puregon or Gonal Fe
Day 45: Thur 1 Apr - 1st Scan
Day 48 : Sun 4 Apr - 2nd scan
Day 51 : Wed 7 Apr - 3rd scan
Day 54 : Sat 10 Apr - IM pregnyl jab
Day 57 : Tue 13 Apr - ER
Day 59 : Thur 15 Apr - ET
Day 77 : Mon 3 May - pregnancy test

CD37 - Mens finally here on 16 Feb!

This morning my mens finally reported ........ wow, its 10 days late since my usual cycle is 27 days .........

I'm kind of relive that it came finally but on the other hand, am sad .........
Frankly speaking, I was hoping that I'll be lucky enough to get preggy naturally without going thru IVF ......
It was a mix feeling when I saw the blood staints .........

When I was in Ipoh, I was tempted to get the pregnancy test kit which I didn't cos I was telling myself that I'm not so lucky to strike it on my own........

Tomorrow morning I'll call KKH IVF and let them know about my mens and at the same time start my BCP tomorrow night.

I also need to re-do my IVF calendar.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feb'10 Cycle being delayed!

I wonder what is happening but today at CD33, my mens is still not reporting yet and this is affecting my IVF progress since only upon mens report then I can take the birth control pill (CD2) and then Lucrin (CD16) ........

Since its CNY and I'm holidaying in Ipoh, I shall take it easy and enjoy the good food during my stay here .............

Happy CNY - Year of the Tiger!

I'm typing this post in Ipoh!

Yes, we're back in Ipoh for the Chinese New Year celebration.

We'd usually come back to Ipoh every year for CNY except for last year as I was preggy (2nd pregnancy) and RY didnt want me to suffer in the traffic jam or tired myself during the long journey.
Unfortunately my baby girl didnt manage to survive the 1st trimester and I did D&C on 27 Feb 2009 to remove the dead foetus .......... that day was also my wedding anniversary............

In fact CNY gives me a mix feeling, one being Happy mood since its a joyful festival but at the same time sense of lost of my beloved baby - Angelina.........
My in-laws were not aware of the 1st & 2nd pregnancy as we've never shared with them except for the 3rd one since we were in KL - I was panic of the spotting and went to local hospital to get progesterone jab.

I hope that I can leave all the unhappiness (lost of my 3 babies) behind in the Year of Ox and look forward for my baby in the Year of Tiger!

I'd like to wish all of you/ us Happy CNY and May all your/ our wishes come true!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Temp Updates

This cycle is really weird .......... on CD22 (1 Feb) till CD24 (3 Feb) my temp raise to 36.2'C, CD 25 was 36.4'C, CD 27 & 28 at 36.5 .......... this morning CD28 it drop to 36.3'C.

I think my mens should be coming this few days .......... but I do hope for a miracle .......... a miracle to be preggy naturally so that I need not go thru the IVF treatment.

IVF is a very stressful journey ..........

I shall talk about it in the next posting.