Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midnight demand

Baby is recovering from the common cold and she has lots of phlegm in her throat, so she feels the discomfort and would drink more water.

Usually baby Rae would cry and whine in the middle of the night and I'd need to guess what she wants as I've no clue. I'd either pat her to sleep or make her milk. 
Each time I'd tell her she needs to tell mummy what she wants so that I can attend to her needs swiftly.

Early this morning, she woke up in the middle of her sleep and said "I want water"!
I gave her some water and she went back to sleep.

I was very happy as she is able to communicate her needs to me in the middle of the night which makes it easier for everybody.
I hope she'll continue to do so.

Actually, at 19 months old, baby Rae had begun to talk in sentences, like "I like", "Give me phone", "Bye see you" "where is it" etc.

Everyday is a "Discovery Day" for me as I get amazed and impressed by my baby's development!
This is the good part of being a SAHM!
I'm around to witness her little achievements as she grows ...........

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The best suction tool!

After buying various kind of sucking tool for removing the mucus from bb's nose, I realized that the best tool is none other then ME!
Yah, it's gross but I think the best way to clear bb's congested nasal is by the use of my own mouth to suck out the mucus!
Only a Mother would dare to do this out of LOVE!

I've asked RY to do it but he shake his head vigorously and refused to do it for his bb!

Yes, my darling girl is down with common cold and is now having bad congested nasal.
She is still active and playful despite being ill.

She started sneezing 3 days ago and yesterday she had mild fever, but this morning, her fever went up to above 38.6'c.
So we went to TMC PD clinic and the doctor prescribed some cough and cold medication as well as Ibrufen which is to be used when she has high temperature above 38.5'c to bring the high temp down.

She "merlioned" her dinner due to the congested nose as she can't swallow her food.
So I gotta use my mouth to suck out the mucus to relive her uncomfortableness.
After resting for an hour, I fed her some milk and checked her temp which was 39'c and quickly did a wipe down then gave her the Ibrufen.

Before she slept, I checked that her temp had gone down slightly to 38.6'c and hopefully she will feel better after a good night of sleep.

A Mother's simple wish is to wish that her bb get well soon!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

HFMD in Rae's School

Last Tuesday afternoon, Bb Rae's teacher called that there is a confirmed HFMD case in her school.
A boy was rejected entry on Monday due to fever and the following day a visit to the doc confirmed that he has HFMD.
The teacher informed that upon knowing about the HFMD case, they have disinfected the school facility and all toys, but advised parents to decide if they would like to keep their child away from school for sometime as the incubation period of the virus could be up to 10 days.

After discussion with RY, we've decided to abstain bb from school this week as not sure if there maybe new case.

Lucky I am a SAHM, so I'm able to make swift decision to stop bb from school as I can look after her myself.
So in time of such emergency, being a SAHM is good!

Happy Wedding Anniversary 2013

RY came home with a bunch of flowers last Monday!
I am happy that my hub remembers and still gives me flower ..........

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Teachers Day 2013

Last Thursday was Teachers Day celebration day in BB Rae's school and the following day was a day off for all the teachers in SG, so no school for bb (not sure if it applies to just preschool and primary schools).
I only realized on Wednesday about the celebration and was wondering if I had sufficient time to prepare the gifts for the teachers.

On Thursday morning, I quickly sent bb to school then came home to do house cleaning and left home at 10.30am to the shopping mall nearby to shop for gifts.
After walking around, I decided to get the teachers a gift pack consists of a Hand cream and a Face mask.
I bought the items from SASA and the sales assistants were very kind to help me removed the price tags and helped me packed them into individual packs.
Next, I went to a kiddy shop to get a Hello Kitty (HK) post it note to write the message.
Then I found a quiet corner to repack and sealed the gifts and attached a HK note each.
I checked the time, it was about noon and I had not finished packing.
Lucky RY called me and informed that he was nearby and offered to fetched bb home.
I got him to fetch me from the mall to go to the school together.

We reached baby's school at about 12.30pm and I told bb to distribute the gift to the individual teacher personally, there were 13 of them.
The teachers were very happy and my bb enjoyed giving too!

I am glad that I managed to get the teachers' gifts in time (in a mad rush of course).
Hopefully next year I can be more prepared!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby in School

Yesterday was bb 1st day in school!

I woke her up at 7.50am to fed her milk and shower her.

We reached school at 8.20am to q up to let the teacher check her temperature and examine her hand, foot and mouth before letting her inside the school.

It was breakfast time and bb Rae sat down at the dining area to eat with her new friends.
Breakfast was cornflakes with milk but bb preferred hers without milk.

After breakfast, it was story time before the children went into their individual class.
There were 2 other new kids in her playgroup and the teacher let them play at the big play area.

I left the school at about 9.30am as I felt that I should let bb get used to not having me around when she is in school.
The teacher informed that should bb cry uncontrollably or any emergency, she will call me.
I went back with a heavy heart.

I came home to do house cleaning and prepare the ingredients for dinner.
I also checked on my phone continuously for fear that I might missed the school's call.

RY fetched me for lunch at 12 noon and then fetched bb home.

The teacher informed that Bb behaved very well and was able to sit through the class.
She was also able to follow instructions and didn't look for me.
She managed to eat half a bowl of porridge with teacher's assistance.

But bb had a bruise on her left upper eyelid on the first day of school.
Before I left in the morning, she was ok.
The teacher was very apologetic and explained that she didn't cry and nobody knew what happened.

RY and myself were "heart pain" but nothing can be done except to apply some ointment on her when we got home.

On the way home, bb told me that she is very happy and likes school very much.
I gave her some apple and milk.
She napped for 2.5 hours.

Today is her 2nd day in school.
I woke her up at 8am to prepare her and reached school at 8.40am for breakfast, she ate cheese sandwich.
I left at 9.30am and fetched her home at about 12.15pm.
The teacher feedback that she was good except that she doesn't like to share toys with friends.
She also finished a bowl of rice with tou foo, fishball and veg soup.

My precious bb had a fragrant pear and milk.
she just slept at 2pm and I shall wake her up at 4pm.

I hope my bb can adapt well in school fast and pick up good habits like toy sharing, self feeding and good social skill.