Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Separation Anxiety

It was a very adventurous month in March.
My baby had a melt down which lasted for about 2 weeks from end March till beginning April.
She refused to go to school and cried non-stop in the morning which lasted about 2 hours each day.
She came out with creative excuse like leg pain, tummy ache, not feeling well all over, or friends not refused to play with her or she couldn't write or follow teachers instructions.
I gotta send and fetch her from school as her daddy couldnt manage her.

When I checked with her teachers, they said bb Rae has no learning issues, in fact she is very good and fast in learning, and is always the first to accomplish the task assigned.

We tried to reflect on what had gone wrong then I recalled that the week prior to the melt down, I brought her out during one of the weekdays to meet up with her play date friends. 
She must have thought that if she doesn't go to school, mommy would bring her out to play with her friends.
I brought her out regularly, usually once a week on a weekday to bond with her or let her meet her non-school going friends.
So as she grows, she begins to understand the concept of Time and associate school days with routine learning and non school days as play.
Her teacher advised me not to take her out so that she won't be confused over school and play during weekdays.
The teacher shared that after this period she will be alright.

Fortunately, she got over this separation anxiety after 2 weeks else it'll be tough.