Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad Eczema

I wonder if it was the change of weather which leads to a bad outbreak of eczema over my body.

Ipoh was very hot compared to SG, I would say it's drier and hotter.

After a week of returned to SG in early Sept, I began to have bad itch on my body, thigh and arms. Despite the generous slap of moisturiser, the itch still exist and very unbearable.
It was so unbearable that I kept scratching and left unsightly scars all over my body.

Last week, I finally threw in the white towel and went to The National Skin Centre to see the skin specialist.
It was not cheap to consult a specialist as it cost SGD60 just to consult him and gotta add additional cost for the medication, especially when I am jobless now. So I was procrastinating on the specialist's visit.

This skin doc have been my regular doc for the last 20 years ever since I was a teenager as I ve eczema history dated all the way then.

I was really shameless to tell him that I am currently jobless and asked him to give me repeat medication prescription to avoid having to consult him to get medication.
He obliged and even prescribed cheaper medication which cost SGD20 for a month's of supply.
He had suggested that I become a subsidised patient but the catch is I will never be able to consult him since he is a senior doc.
I was rather reluctant so I said I would think about it.

The medication prescribed consisted of a mild steroid Dermasone to apply after bath, pirition to consume when ever I feel itchy, potassium permanganate crystal to add into a tub of water for wash.
After a week of applications, the condition has improved and I gotta be diligent to continue with the medication for another week and hopefully it will recover.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yep, I've decided Not to go to Ipoh in Oct and shall stay here in SG to keep RY company.
So it means I gotta break the news to MIL.

I was torn over this and am now feeling really good having make up my mind!

My mom is also glad that I am staying put in SG.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mommy's Love

My mom is very glad that I am doing my own cooking now.

We used to visit my mom almost daily for dinner and at times when she was not cooking, we would eat hawker food.

Now that I start to cook my own meals, mom is really pleased.
I would call her up for cooking tips and ideas of what to cook.
She would also call me up to check how am I coping and even buy cooking ingredients (fish, meat, veg, fruits etc) for me and asked RY to go to her place to collect the goodies.

I think I gotta learn how to do marketing in the wet market for fresh ingredients.
I ve been doing my shopping in supermarket which may be more costly.
Now with single source of income, I gotta learn to manage the household expenditure better.

Should I go back to Ipoh?

I am in a dilemma as I am not sure if I should go back to Ipoh ........

Before I left for SG last month, we had planned to go back to Ipoh in Oct to continue with my vacation stay.
PIL are looking forward to my return and had even deep frozen the home baked moon cake for my sampling.

This is my 4th week back in SG and I am rather reluctant to leave RY alone and enjoy myself in Ipoh while he suffers here alone.
He told me that during my stay in MY for the last 5 months, he was eating hawker food for dinner and would dozed off in the study room while working late at home.
The weekly over night bus rides were very tiring since he hardly get any good rest.
I feel very sorry for my love.

During the past few weeks, I ve been cooking simple dinner which he really enjoys.
On the other hand, MIL has been chatting with me over facebook telling me how she misses me and looking forward to my return .........

I must make up my mind soon and hopefully by next week .......

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy ROM Anniversary

Today marked our 11th ROM Anniversary!

I thought RY would ve forgotten about it as he didn't mention anything for the past few days, but to my surprised, he wished me "Happy Anniversary" the moment I woke up from bed.

My love has bought me a bouquet of roses and had wanted to take me out for dinner.
But I declined to go out, instead I cooked him a healthy meal which consisted of grilled salmon belly, toasted salmon skin, green veg with soup.

I had also bought a slice of Exotic Choco cake and another slice of Strawberry Shortcake from FourLeaves as dessert.
The 2 rectangular shape cakes signify the number 11.

The cake was supposed to be a surprised to RY.
After dinner, he had wanted some apples, but I was worried that he may be too full to eat the cakes after fruit, so I pretended to volunteer to peel the apples for him.
Then I surprised him when I presented the cakes to him.
He was very happy.

This is a very simple anniversary celebration with no expensive meals nor gift, and I hope we can celebrate many more happy years together!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleepy Sleepy

It's amazing that despite doing nothing in Bintan for 6 days, I came back with a tired and sleepy body.
I was back in SG last Fri afternoon and had spent almost the whole of Saturday & Sunday sleeping.

I don't usually napped in the afternoon but yesterday, Monday, I actually dozed off on the sofa while watching TV.

This afternoon I was out for lunch and did some grocery shopping, so didn't have any chance to nap.
But I can feel the sleepy bugs bites ........ Soon I'll be in the la la land ......