Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back from New York!

I was MIA for 2 weeks in USA/ Canada!

Glad to be home away from the icey cold weather.
At the same time sad since my beloved husband is still in NY on biz trip while I'm alone at home.

I arrived SG this morning at about 6.30am and reached home at 7.30am.
Due to the morning peak hour surcharge, my taxi fare cost > SGD30/=.

I caught a cold in NY and went to doctor this morning for some medicine and 2 days of sick leave given.

Its about 7pm SG time now and I'm really sleepy since had not slept since I arrived.
Gotta recover from jetlag fast, so I forced myself to be awake till 8pm/ 9pm then go to bed.
I shall skip dinner tonight so that I can sleep soon.

I'll share my Canada/ NY pics once uploaded.

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