Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Praying for my friend

While I am typing this post, my friend is dealing with a labour pain in the KKH hospital.
Yap, no big deal of labour pain, but having to deliver your baby at 26 weeks pregnancy is a big deal!

Firstly the baby is still very small and the organs are not fully developed.
Secondly, she has gone thru a lot to have this baby after many attempts of IVF fresh and frozen transfer cycle.
Lastly, she was admitted in emergency by herself while her hubby was away on biz trip, since yesterday, and have been in labour pain for the past 12 hours with 6cm dilation currently and not sure how long it will take for a full dilation to 10cm.

I am praying hard for her and hope that she and her precious baby is fine!
She is a brave mother and I am sure she can cross this hurdle to enjoy the bundle of joy!

My dear friend has delivered her bb girl safetly at 1kg and the baby gotta remain in the hospital for 3 months to ensure her organs are matured and developed well!
I am really happy for her!

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