Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm very sick!

I am really sick! This is the 1st time I fall sick since last June. 3 days ago I woke up with a heavy head and painful joint, I knew I had fever but I still try my best to complete the daily baby caring routine and drink as much water as I can to cool the body down. RY took half day off to relieve me from bb caring so that I can rest, he wanted to bring me to doctor but I refused as I am breast feeding and don't think I'd take any medication. By evening, my condition got worst, I started to vomit and too frail to eat or drink. I slept thru the night while RY attend to baby. The next morning, my fever subsided but I had diarrhea. I was very stubborn and refused to go to doc as I thought my body will self heal by passing out the toxins. My stomach was also churning with pain. I still ve fever on and off. By evening, the diarrhea was really bad that despite taking lomotil, it still didn't stop the diarrhea. I finally gave up and went to the doc. The doc suspected that I might ve rotavirus infection since it's like an epidemic in SG recently. He has a few patients who suffered the same as me and need to be hospitalized since normal antibiotic didnt work. I was told to go to hospital if the jab and other medication he gave me didn't stop my diarrhea the next day. I was still having mild diarrhea yesterday and RY wanted to admit me to hospital, again I refused as I need to care for my bb as I ve no help. I tried my best to rest and hydrate myself, hoping that the body will heal faster. Today is the 4th day and I sincerely hope that I'd recover well. This rotavirus is really potent, I ve lost 3kg within 3 days. The body just shut down and refused any intake of food, so I didn't eat or drink much but still diarrhea >20 times within a day. I feel really sorry for my bb that i can't attend to her fully and my milk production has significantly reduced and she not drinking enough. I am very upset and angry with myself that I fell so ill, I am everything to my baby and yet I am helpless sitting there just watching her cry as I was too weak to carry or pacify her. I must get well soon for my baby! My poor husband has to care for her on my behalf. A SAHM's (with no helper) fear is to fall sick!

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