Sunday, November 8, 2009

When did I ovulate?

I'm really confused over my exact ovulation date........

Believe it or not, I can "feel" my ovary swollen pre-ovulation .........
Some how got a strange feeling at the adobement neat to the ovaries on CD12.
Also on CD12, I can see that I've more cervical mucus.
Today is my CD15 and I dont have the "swollen" feeling but there's still some strange feeling there.

5 start taking my body tempreature since CD2 and was 36.2'C till CD11 and on CD12, I was 36.5'C, which lasted till CD14, but today it went down to 36.3'C.

I went to the TCM this morning and informed her about my observation.
She said the temp of 36.5'C is no good as it should be 37'C then considered ideal.
She think that the sudden dip in temp could mean that my ovulation will be this 2 days, but I thought I should have ovulated on CD12?

She prescribed "lu rong" (deer antler) to mee as she wants to improve my body temp.

Since CD9, RY had been very "cooperative" and "hardworking" as we've been turning to bed early to try ...........
Being a health freak, I'd love to go running but as I'm preggy hopeful, I've decided not to go running for 2 weeks.
So yesterday, instead of running, RY brought me to do some nature walk.

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