Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

This year was the my first time celebrating Halloween, well not exactly celebrating, but it was the first time I went to a "commercialise" area to feel the "Halloween air" .........

Last Sat 31 Oct, Jas had invited Est, myself and Jo to clarke quay for dinner cum lancing ......
We met up at The Pump Room in Clarke Quay.

As I've no appetite for western cuisine, I had dinner with RY in a Thai restaurant in Upp Bt Timah.
It was raining cats and dogs and the restaurant was rather empty ......... but there's a group of "ang moh" family who really put on efforts to dress up for the occassion.  The children was wearing the red illuminated  devil horms ..........

RY suggested that I get one of those horns for myself to wear at Clarke Quay.
I'd rejected as I didnt want to look silly.

RY sent me to clarke quay and went off as he didnt like to noisy pubs .......

It was an eye opener to see alot of people dressing to the theme ............ some dressed up as vampire, wearewolves, witches, wonder women and chinese ghosts (in cheong sum or the qing dynasty costume)........... good efforts ......... There was jam band playing in the outdoor, as well as best dress competition, oh the mc for the event was Glen Ong.

We just sat at the table (outside the restuarant) to people watch for amost 2 hours before we decided to get into the Pump Room to see what's happening inside.
But it was boring and we decided to go outside to see the more happening crowd.

We left the place at about 1am.

It was an unforgetable night and we're thinking what to dress up as for 2010 Halloween!

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