Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ovarian Reserve Testing (ORT)

On Tuesday when I went to do a follow-up scan, it was sort of expected that the follicles didnt grow at all.

Dr Loh explained to me that the blood test reviewed that I didnt have indication of good growth hormones and unlikely that the eggs will get stimulated any further.

So he's suggesting that I go for AMH testing to help determine my egg reserve & FSH test before he planned my next cycle treatment.

So when my next mens come, on CD2 or 3, I need to go to KKH to do the above blood test. 
Dr predicted that my next mens will be late since it's I unlike I'll be ovulating in this cycle, so mens should only come in a month's time. 
After my blood test result then I'll see him again to discuss about my next cycle treatment.

He thinks that the next one should be a short protocol where I wont be given any BCP nor Lucrin to suppress my natural hormones.
On D2 of the mens, I should be given stimulant drug for about 12 to 14 days to stimulate the follicles and he think I should be able about 1 or 2 eggs.

I'm rather confused with why I'm being classified as DOR (Diminishing Ovarian Reserve) since my most recent FSH showed 2 and E2 was in satisfactory level.

I've done some research on the DOR & ORT and think that this link is rather easy to understand.

I looked forward to a successful short protocol cycle.
I'm still hopeful to use my own eggs to produce my babies ...........

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