Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Age is really catching up!

Due to the annual book closing reporting, I stayed till 4am this morning to complete the report.
The due date for this report was actually yesterday afternoon (Monday) but due to the inefficiencies of the shared service centre in Manila, the book only get closed last night and I gotta stayed up to make up for their inefficiency.

This morning I still went to work at usual 8am, but at about 2pm, I was feeling really sleepy and gotta push myself to stay awake.
My eyelids are getting heavy now and will soon go zzzzzzzzzzz ..........
I've told RY that I'll skip dinner as I'd like to sleep really early today.

When I was younger, I'd no problem working long hours or staying up late partying for consecutive few days, and yet the next day I'd still looked radiant.
But now, I look so tired with puffy eyes just for not sleeping regularly for 1 night!

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