Monday, November 1, 2010

Daiso - my favourite store!

I always enjoy going to Daiso to look at the fanciful stationery.tupper ware, Japanese cutlery, bento making gadgets, beauty and shower products and many others etc.

This evening, I went to Daiso as I was at my dentist for my follow-up visit.

It's amazing that they now sell hair colouring product (henna powder, mascara for covering grey hair).
I was also facinated to see that they've a good range of Christmas party costume head gear and I bought 3 for RY's sis' daughters.
I think they'll look really cute putting those cute "rein deer antler" look alike hair band.
The most amazing thing is, it only cost SGD2/= per piece! 

This Deepavali long weekend, we'll be going to KL and I shall present this cute Christmas head gear and Mongolian tibits to KL folks.

Oh do you know that Daiso has a USA online store?
Check it out here!

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