Monday, November 8, 2010

Deepavali 2010 in Ipoh

Last Fri 5 Nov was Deepavali holiday in SG & MY and RY and myself drove to Ipoh (instead of KL) to spend the long weekend with his family.

We left SG about 5.30am for Tuas 2nd link and was delighted to see no queue at SG custom but we were trapped in MY custom for > 1 hr before we got thru.

It was also heavy traffic on the hi-way and we only managed to arrive Ipoh about 2pm (usually it only took us 5 hrs to reach Ipoh).

Basically we just eat, sleep and watch TV in Ipoh to R&R whenever we go back .........

However I was surprised to meet 4 new golden retriever puppies since the neighobur's retrievers (Barney & Angel) just gave birth to the baby retrievers 5 months ago.
The owner was kind and friendly to allow me to play with the puppies, namely Gigi (eldest girl), Tommy (2nd boy), Danny (3rd boy) and Meimei (youngest girl).
They were really playful and left countless paw prints on my body!

I really enjoyed my stay in Ipoh since its carefree and simple life ............
I'll consider retire in Ipoh and get to eat all the good and tasty food there ......... yum yum yum ............

Do let me know if you're considering going to Ipoh and I shall recommend you few nice places to visit and tell you where to go for good food!

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