Monday, June 6, 2011

Expensive Movie Tickets in KL

We've learnt our lesson that advance movie ticket booking should be done for popular movie like X-men!

We didn't get to do Internet booking as it requires min 2 days advance reservation which we only know when we try to book the tix on Sat itself.
Note: this is different from SG since we are able to do Internet or phone booking on the same day.

We took a bus to arrive Mid Valley GSC at about 11.45am and was shocked to see the "long snake queue" - the queue was so long that it didn't seem to have any ending point .......

We ve queued for a while then RY went to check with the counter to find out that all shows for the day for X-Men were sold out.

We then moved on to the GSC Signature cinema which is at the Garden mall side.
We managed to get the last 2 tickets sitting at the corner front row which cost RM24 per tix, total RM48 for 2 tickets.
This is really expensive since a normal tix in any ordinary cinema is half it's price.
As we were eager and wanted to watch the movie fast, we relented to pay the expensive price.

Fortunately the front row seats were not that bad else we would regret paying for it .......

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