Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Understanding PIL

I think I am one of the rare DIL who can get along well with my PIL, especially MIL.

My MIL was worried that I may be bored in Ipoh that she went to upgrade the internet network to a faster speed with wireless modem (previously it's lower speed and wire connection).
She even dig out all her book/ novel collections for my leisure reading.

FIL has been preparing yummy meals for me and when he is tired of cooking, we will have restaurant food. Looking at the rate i am eating, in no time I shall turn into a "tai fei poh" (I.e. Put on weight).

I gotta watch my food intake and do some exercise.

I also try to do my part to contribute to the household chores, like washing of plates after meals, do laundry.
Fortunately they've part time maid, else may need to help out in house cleaning.

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