Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unbearable Weather

Do you believe that it has not rained for more than a week here in Ipoh?
I've checked the weather forecast that for the next 8 days, the weather will be the same - no rain,dry and hot!

The weather is really dry and it got worst with the haze now, as heat is being trapped which makes it even hotter and drier.

During the day, I will sit in the living room, in front of the fan blowing directly at me, and at night, I will be sleeping under a full blast spinning ceiling fan.

MIL has asked me to turn on the air con but I'd refused since I do not wish to increase the electricity consumption which translates into higher utility bill.
Moreover, with this kind of dry weather it would mean much higher power usage to cool the house which is bad to the environment.

My simple wish now is for the rain to come!

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