Friday, July 15, 2011

Kutu Girls

Last Wed, SIL informed that her 3 girls were infected with head lice, also known as kutu.
She asked MIL for remedy to treat the girls.

We told her to 1st cut the hair real short, then go pharmacy to buy the anti- head Lice shampoo and used on the girls, then follow by cleaning the house by boiling the bed sheet, pillow case in hot water, sun the pillows, blanket to detox.
After putting the shampoo, she should also get the special comb to comb thru the girls hair to get rid of the eggs.
Another important thing to do was to inform the school about the head lice problem so that action can be taken to contain it.
It's useless to wash and clean the girls, without having the source eliminated, which we believed must be from the school.

Every 2 days, SIL will update on the "termination" status.
We were really upset that SIL didn't follow our advise and take the prompt action.
She only get the medicated shampoo last Thurs night to wash the girls, no hair was cut, the shampoo supposed to be kept for 24 hours, she only left it on for 2 hrs.
Let the girls go to school as usual and when the girls back, use the shampoo for another 2 hours, then let the girls go afternoon tuition.
sat then bring the girls to cut hair.
The maid who helped to manually catch the head lice and comb thru the hair to look for the eggs, also got infected.
SIL also didn't call the school as she is afraid that the school may track down her daughter and accuse her of being the source of the head lice.
So I volunteered to make the call and informed the school on her behalf.

We had originally planned to go KL to stay with SIL today for the weekend since PIL missed the grandchildren.
But we have to change our plan since the girls still have head lice as at today.
We will still go KL but will instead with BIL.
As I am really afraid of kutu, I have informed PIL that I won't be visiting SIL even though I really miss the girls.
I got phobia since I was infected before when I was in kindergarden.
The process to get rid of the kutu is rather scary and I would not want to go thru the ordeal.
Not only I got to wash, clean myself, the house need to be "disinfected", also who is going to manually help me comb thru the hair to get rid of the eggs (if any)!
So PIL will be visiting SIL without me.
I need to take care of myself.
What if I go and get it then I pass to RY since he is coming to KL this weekend to meet us up?

In few hours time, we will be driving off to KL.
I hope PIL won't get infected and in turn infect me ...........
Please pray for me!

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