Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy ROM Anniversary

Today marked our 11th ROM Anniversary!

I thought RY would ve forgotten about it as he didn't mention anything for the past few days, but to my surprised, he wished me "Happy Anniversary" the moment I woke up from bed.

My love has bought me a bouquet of roses and had wanted to take me out for dinner.
But I declined to go out, instead I cooked him a healthy meal which consisted of grilled salmon belly, toasted salmon skin, green veg with soup.

I had also bought a slice of Exotic Choco cake and another slice of Strawberry Shortcake from FourLeaves as dessert.
The 2 rectangular shape cakes signify the number 11.

The cake was supposed to be a surprised to RY.
After dinner, he had wanted some apples, but I was worried that he may be too full to eat the cakes after fruit, so I pretended to volunteer to peel the apples for him.
Then I surprised him when I presented the cakes to him.
He was very happy.

This is a very simple anniversary celebration with no expensive meals nor gift, and I hope we can celebrate many more happy years together!

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