Friday, December 30, 2011

Pregnancy Journal - 1

After 9 days of delivery of Baby Rae, I finally manage to find some time to sit down to surf the net and reply to some e-mails.
I've been busy caring for my newborn, breast feed her, pumping breast milk and learning to be a mother .......

I shall start on chapter 1 on my Pregnancy Journal now.

It all began with I quit my job in Feb'11 and went to KL for vacation in end Mar'11.
I was happy playing with SIL's 3 daughters and RY would visit me every weekend, those were care free days.
Then in mid April, I realized that my menses didn't come for a few days, I waited for sometime and them discussed with RY what to do and we decided to visit a gynae in KL for a check.
We were delighted that I was tested positive!
But the pregnancy was not stable as I was spotting.

As this was a precious pregnancy, RY didn't want me to risk losing this precious one so we'd decided that I should continue to stay in KL till all is well.
During the 8th week, I had a blood clog bleeding and BIL quickly rushed me to the clinic to check and was glad that the baby was fine.
The doctor informed that the bleeding could be an old blood clog which get pushed out to make space for the growing baby.

I was put on heavy dosage of progesterone to support this pregnancy.
Staying with the children had kept me busy and as I was out of SG, I was not contactable since I hardly turn my mobile on.
As such, I was able to get away from stress and remained happy for a period of time, my office colleagues tried to get me but I didn't answer to their missed call nor SMS text messages etc.

I stayed in KL till the doctor cleared me in week 14, I.e. End of Trimester 1 and I proceeded to stay in Ipoh since RY was still worried about the stability of the pregnancy.

The 13th week detailed scan really freaked me out as I was worried of the detailed scan result, fortunately, the scanned result showed that the baby was normal.
The doctor had recommended me to do amnio test to further ensure normality of the baby.
After much discussion, RY and myself decided not to do the test as there is a risk of miscarriage.

If you've read about my previous post, you'd see my write up on live in KL and Ipoh.

In week 14, as I was pretty comfortable and assured of the pregnancy, I started to do simple yoga posts and stretch exercise and continued till I was in week 40.

Throughout the pregnancy, I'd put on 14kg and most of the weight was put on during Trimester 1 which was about 7kg and Trimester 3, which was another 5kg.

To be continued .....

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