Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pregnancy Journal - 3

Pregnancy Woes

In this chapter, I'd like to talk about the pregnancy woes which I had experienced.

Morning Sickness
No, I had no morning sickness just like my previous 3 pregnancy.
I was worried that this could imply bad omen with no morning sickness.
My KL gynae, assured me that it's normal not to have any.

But I did feel hungry all the time during first trimester.
I ate almost 2 hourly and just loved carbohydrates, which added about 7 kg to my weight during the initial pregnancy phase.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
I had carpel tunnel syndrome starting week 18 and the gynae was puzzled since usually this only started in the later part of the pregnancy due to water retention.
It started with a numbed right palm, then it spread my shoulder and neck in about week 20.
In week 32, my left hand also became numbed.
Up till after 1 month of child birth, my both hands are still numbed.

Water Retention
I could feel my feet swelled in around week 19 but it was pretty mild.
The swelling was gradual and by week 35, my legs had turned into "porky legs" and really heavy which made each step a tough one to move.
In fact my body, face and arms were swollen during the last trimester.
By week 38, my feet became so fat and big that I can't fit into my shoes which was bought in week 28 and was already a size bigger then my pre-pregnancy shoes.

Frequent Urination
During trimester 1, due to the pregnancy hormones, I'd go to the toilet frequently and at least twice in the middle of the night.
In my last trimester, with the growing baby pressing on my bladder, I'd go to the toilet every 45 minutes and 2 to 3 times at night during my sleep.

The backache started around week 32 and got worst in week 36 as the baby grew.
It was so bad that I got to sat on the sofa to sleep since lying down and getting up from bed was a challenge.
It was only in week 38 that I was able to sleep on my bed as baby travelled towards the birth canal.

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