Monday, February 13, 2012

Pregnancy Journal - 4

Gynae Searching

In total, I had seen 4 gynaes, 1 in KL and Ipoh respective and 2 in SG.

The gynae in KL was recommended by RY's friend and the one in Ipoh was recommended by MIL's friend.
The KL gynae was very assuring, he knew about my 3 previous miscarriages history and kept assuring me that this pregnancy would be a smooth and successful one.
I was with him till my 22 weeks detailed scan to ensure the baby is normal and viable before I return to SG.

Initially we had wanted to deliver our baby in KL but due to accommodation constrain during the confinement, we changed to Ipoh.
The gynae in Ipoh was very caring, despite the detailed scan done in KL, she did another round of detailed scanning to check on the organ development and took picture of baby Rae to show us how beautiful she was. It was a relief to know at the early stage that there is no cleft lips.

During my stay in Ipoh, I was having a second thought of delivering Baby Rae in Ipoh. I had wanted a natural delivery so was uncertain about the actual delivery date. I fear that RY may not make it in time in Ipoh to accompany me through out the delivery.
So we decided that we should have our baby in SG.

While in Ipoh, I researched on the various hospital and decided on Thomason Medical Centre to deliver my baby but haven't confirm the gynae. I also enrolled us to the Antenatal Class conducted by TMC commencing in September 2011.

So in mid August, I returned to SG and went to Bintan with RY.
We had shortlisted 2 gynae in SG, the first was Dr AW, we chose him because his clinic is pretty near to our house, but we were not comfortable with him since his consultation was really fast, we had no chance to ask much question.

The second one was Dr WK Tan of TMC.
She is very motherly and patient with our question.
During the first consultation, we immediately decided on her as our gynae to deliver Baby Rae and signed on to her package.
She is a very experienced doctor! Each visit was very assuring!

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