Monday, February 13, 2012

CNY 2012 - Year of the Water Dragon!

Happy CNY!

This CNY is different from prior year as we ve Baby Rae!

As usual, we went back to Ipoh for the CNY celebration.
RY and myself had been contemplating whether we should bring a month old baby on a road trip back to Ipoh since it was a long 6 hours drive.

Initially we had decided not to go back to Ipoh fearing that baby would to too young and fragile to travel, but after checking around with friends, we were told it was safe to travel as many fellow Malaysians had done it before!
But we still can't decide on the exact date to travel as we would like to celebrate Baby Rae's full month before we leave SG.

We had intended to have her full month party on 21 Jan Saturday and to travel on 22 Jan Sunday.
After much discussion with RY, we changed the full month celebration to Thursday 19 Jan and to
depart SG on 20 Jan.

Traveling with a baby is no joke as it entailed lots of preparation work, especially mine is a fully breast feb one!

On 19 Jan, after the full month party, we rushed to pack luggage and clean the house.
I quickly pumped 2 bottles of 120ml volume of milk for the confinement lady (cl) to feed Baby Rae for the night and the mid night feeds so that I can concentrate in preparing the luggage for the trip.

We woke up at 3am to feed baby Rae and left the house at 4am.
We were glad that the custom in both SG and MY were cleared, 2 toilet stops were made and we managed to arrive Ipoh at 10.30am.
We dropped CL at her Ipoh address before we reached PIL's place.

The moment we arrived, we quickly bathed Baby Rae and then I breast fed her before putting her to bed.
PIl was looking forward to our return, they prepared a baby cot in our room and another one in the living hall.
We also set up the baby monitor so that while she is sleeping upstairs, we are able to monitor her cries remotely in a floor below!
FIL cooked confinement dishes for my lunch.

With PIL's help, RY and myself managed to do some shopping in Ipoh. They helped to look after Baby Rae so that we can shop in peace.
We took opportunity to stock up cheap diapers, tissues, baby wipes, baby wash etc.

As Baby Rae's full month was too close to CNY, we were not able to hold any celebration party in Ipoh, instead we visited the relatives to introduce the new family member to them.
Being the first grand child of PIL, Baby Rae received generous gifts from many people.
The money gifts would be placed in her bank account.

We stayed in Ipoh for a week and left on Thursday!
Last time, when it was just RY and me, we would leave after a 3 to 4 days stay, but with a baby, we need the additional days to get ready for a long driving journey.
On Thursday morning, we set off at 7.30am and arrived SG at about 2pm.

This CNY was really fun with Baby Rae!
I look forward to the next CNY!


  1. Hi! I came across your blog while randomly surfing and I was so touched by your story that I cried. I found out I might have to go for IVF due to male factor problems and I am feeling really scared. Your blog gives me courage. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Hey,
    I am glad that u find my blog useful.
    I had come a long way to be where i am today, so don't give up!
    Your baby dream will come true too, but may take some time tho .....
    IVF is not scary, so nothing to be afraid of.
    Just need to have faith, gotta trust yourself, your body, hubby and doctor.
    I believe very soon I will hear good news from u!

  3. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Do you mind sharing more about your IVF journey in private?

  4. Hi Nostalgia

    U r welcome to contact me privately!
    Pls e mail to