Thursday, March 22, 2012

Belated Full Month Celebration

My precious bb is 12 weeks and 1 day old today!
Last Saturday 17 Mar, we had a belated full moon party for her in KL since we didn't have any in January due to CNY.

We departed SG to Ipoh on 14 Mar Wed morning 6am and arrive Ipoh at about 12 noon.
I breast fed BB Rae during the long drive and she slept most of the time, so was pretty easy.
PIL were really happy to see bb, they prepared diapers, play pan, baby cot for her.

On Thursday 15 Mar morning 8.30am, we brought BB Rae to the MY birth registry to apply her MY citizenship.
BB Rae is born a Singaporean but we think it may be beneficial for her to have dual citizenship now as I may need to leave her with PIL should I decided to start work.
We gotta wait for 6 months to know the outcome of our citizenship application.

On Friday 16 Mar, we departed Ipoh for KL at about 10.30am.
We stayed with BIL.
We brought bath tub, pails, bouncing net to his place as he is a bachelor living alone in a 2 story house.
In the evening, we went to SIL place to ve dinner together.
The 3 girls were very happy to see bb Rae, they spent the whole Saturday morning preparing handmade cards, gift wrapped toys, clothes etc for bb Rae,

BB Rae's belated full moon party was organized in SIL's condo clubhouse.
A luxurious buffet dinner was catered.
We had more then 60 guests.
The party ended at about 10.30pm and BB Rae fell asleep on our way back to BIL's place.

The next day, Sunday, we had dim sum brunch before driving back to Ipoh.
We spent another 2 days in Ipoh before driving home yesterday, Wed 21 Mar.

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