Thursday, March 22, 2012


BB Rae had her first 6 in 1 jab this morning at the Polyclinic.
She also had her pneumomucocal jab and rotavirus vaccine too.

The jabs needle are really long for a baby.
When the nurse jabbed her, she broke into a loud cry instantly.
Poor baby, she was jabbed twice as I told the nurse to give her pneumomucal jab at the same time.

As we left home at 7.40am, we didn't bathe her till we got home after the jab at about 10am.
She had her milk then slept for 2 hours and is now drinking her milk.

According to the nurse, the jabs may cause fever so we need to monitor closely, once the body temp reached 37.5'c or more, panadol to be given.

I shall monitor bb closely.

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