Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, 13 May 2012, is my First Mother's Day celebration with RY and Baby Rae! The morning was started with a surprised gift from RY, it's a choco banana cake delivered from Operation Smile! 2 weeks ago, RY ordered a cake from Project Operation Smike as my Mother's Day gift. This is very meaningful as we get to do charity while savoring the yummy cake! In the evening 5pm, RY took us to Botanic Garden to attend to a open air concert by SSO. While we enjoyed to the nice classical pieces, BB Rae fell asleep. We left the concert at 6.45pm to rush to mum's place for steam boat dinner. It was an enjoyable day since I get to spend it with my loved ones! I am looking forward to next year's Mother's Day since baby Rae will be 16 months old then!

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