Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mommy & Baby Yoga

We started our 1st Mommy & Baby Yoga yesterday 4 May! I had wanted to practice yoga with Baby Rae, so I ve been busy researching for one which suits my timing and budget. I was lucky to find one which only cost SGD10 per class and only required 4 sets of moms and babes to form a class. I managed to gather few friends to form a class of our own. We signed up for 4 classes in May and shall see if we wanna continue in June after the 4 classes. I practiced yoga during pre Preggy days and when I was pregnant with Baby Rae, I was also doing simple yoga posture to relieve some muscle tension. But I stopped after childbirth as I was too tired and lazy from the daily child care routine. Doing yoga with baby is pretty fun! Both of us gets to exercise and play at the same time! It's good to have some interactive activity with baby to have fund together. My baby was worn out after the class that she had a 2.5 hours afternoon nap yesterday! Usually she only takes cat nap of about half hour in the afternoon. This morning when I woke up, I could feel the aching muscle due to the stretching and lifting since most if the time we need to carry baby to complete a posture. I am looking forward to next Fri lesson to learn new tricks! I hope baby Rae feels the same .....

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