Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feeding my 7 months old Bb Rae

3 weeks ago, we brought Bb to her PD to check on her overall well being and also have a 2nd dose of pneumococcal jab. I was shocked to see her lost 200g of weight instead of gaining, but she did grow 2cm taller. I ve been feeding her cereal, fruits and veg puree and the Dr said those are not enough and we should start feeding her protein diet to build her muscle. My poor baby dropped to 10th percentile from the previous 50th in terms of weight reading. Actually Bb had been very active in crawling and jumping in her Jumperoo, so she may ve burnt a lot of energy. Since 3 weeks ago, I ve been cooking porridge with fish or minced pork for Bb. I hope she will gain sufficient weight and also build more muscle. The next PD visit will be Sept and hopefully Bb Rae can put on more weight and grow wellM

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