Friday, August 10, 2012

She is back to 50th Percentile!

This morning we went to the clinic to consult the PD about the rashes which developed on BB Rae's chin. The doc advised that the rashes could be just irritants caused by her dripping saliva and not too much of a concern and told us to keep her clean and also proscribed a very mild Bb safe cream for the affected area. We also get some Bb travel medication as we will be bringing her to USA in end Aug. Yes, we are bringing our Bb with us on a long haul trip for 2 weeks! I was delighted that the weight reading showed that she is 7.16kg, height 71 cm and head circumference 42.5cm! I was really happy as she is back to 50th percentile! I hope my Bb will continue to eat, sleep, play, poo & pee well! This is a simple wish of a Mother!

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