Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby is sick!

Baby is down with Roseola Infantum. She develops fever since Thursday and her temp goes up and down like a yoyo.
Yesterday we brought her to TMC and Dr Janice Wong told us that if she has rashes by Sun then her fever will be gone but if my Monday she still running at a fever then we need bring her back to clinic as bb may develop other symptoms.
Last night, her temperature peak at 39.3'c and I quickly sponge her and fed her Brufen to bring her temperature down to below 38'c.
Seems like this fever may go on for a few days, I just hope that she will recover soon.
Despite the high temperature, she is still as playful but she tends to latch on more often for milk.
I just wish my bb will be well ASAP, this is a simple wish of a Mother........

Update on 30 Sept 2012:
Her fever subsided as rashes break out. Now we will just need to wait for the rashes to clear.
I am glad that the high fever phase is over.

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