Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby Rae 1st Birthday Party 15 Dec 2012

Yesterday, 15 Dec, we celebrated BB Rae 1st birthday party at my new residence BBQ pool deck.

My mun came at about 12 noon to help me pray to 床头婆婆 while I went to the pool deck to decorate the party venue using the helium balloon and the party banners I bought online for BB Rae Minnie Mouse party theme.

RY went to collect the preordered birthday cakes from Pine Garden and the mini Mickey Minnie cupcakes from Cake Story.

It was pretty challenging to decorate 5 walls and a small pillar column by myself, fortunately my 9 year old nephew came with my mum to help out.

The buffet caterer was punctual and I was still doing the wall decor while he waited patiently before he set the table up to line the buffet spread.
I was racing with time to complete the wall decor by 2.30pm and quickly went back to change and was in time to receive the 1st guest of the party.

We had also hired entertainer to perform magic show, game captain and balloon sculpture to entertain the guests, especially the kids.

In total, I had about 30 adults and 25 kids at BB Rae party.

The kids had enjoyed the magic show, games, piñata and balloon sculpture at the party.

I had dressed my baby up as a Minnie Mouse to be in line with the party theme.

Each kids also got a Mickey Minnie party pack to bring home with them as a gift favor.

We hope that everybody who attended BB Rae party would have an enjoyable day with us then it'd be effort and money well spent!

The party kicked off at 3.30pm and ended at about 5pm!

I am exhausted after weeks of working non-stop on house moving and baby party organizing.
I just want to laze around and do nothing.......

This maybe my first and last party I organized for my baby as its really a lot of work.

Let me recuperate from the exhaustion and the next project will be school hunting for baby to attend when she turn 18 months.

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