Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy birthday 2012

Last Tuesday 11 Dec was my birthday and I didn't care much about it as I was and am still busy with the planning and organizing of my BB Rae's birthday party.

RY wished me Happy Birthday in the morning and asked if I preferred to have lunch or dinner outside at Dempsey Japanese restaurant, I chose lunch since afraid of possible dinner crowd.

We had a really sumptuous Jap set lunches and I did some grocery shopping while RY headed back to work.

Dinner was just simple home cooked meal.

It was a pleasant surprised that RY came home in the evening with a bouquet of red roses and a box of yummy chocolate cake.

This year I'm a mum to my precious bb girl and it's kinda nice to ve my bb and loving husband by my side. I feel complete and ve no regrets of giving up my career........

After the cake cutting and sampling of the yummy delish cake, I thought all was done and RY surprised me by giving me a birthday gift!

This year he got me another gold bar!
Looking at the rising trend of gold prices, it should be a very good investment.

Tomorrow, 15 Dec, we're celebrating BB Rae birthday. I hope all will turn out well!

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