Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Baby Ready for School

In view of the plan to send baby Rae to school at 18 months, we gotta prepare her to be able to be independent in some ways, like self feeding and toilet train.

I think self feeding is more important than toilet train since she can still wear diaper to school. So we started her on self feeing exercise first.

I've been letting baby self feed herself the simple finger food like tiny baby biscuit, yogurt melt and Graduate Puff and she is able to handle those small bite size snack with no issue.

Yesterday was the first time I let her handle bigger piece of biscuit and banana, so she gotta hold on to them to slowly self feed and munch, unlike those smaller bite size ones she used to eat.
Being a baby, she enjoys playing with her food and is curious to see what will happen if she were to crash it or throw it on the table and floor.

To get myself ready for the mess, I had laid a newly bought plastic shower curtain to be used as floor mat for her and placed her baby high chair on it.
I had also removed the high chair fabric cushion cover to enable easy cleaning of the food stain.

It was really messy!
I think > 50% of the biscuit and banana went to waste, they re all over the floor mat, high chair, sticked onto her clothes and hair ......
So I spent another 15 mins to clear her mess on the floor and chair before cleaning her.

I think it ll be worst when we let her self feed porridge or noodles ....... But this is part of the growing up phase and we gotta take it as a pinch of salt!
I hope she can master the self feeding skill well ASAP ..........

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