Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby No. 2?

During CNY visits to relatives and friends' place, there are few questions which they'd definitely ask, for instance "how's your school result? Where r u working now and what position? When r u getting married? When r u going to ve baby?"

Before bb Rae, we ve to think of how to answer the bb question.
This year, we also get the bb question but the kind of question we get is "when is baby no. 2 coming?"
Frankly speaking, I just hope that this people can keep their mouth shut!
RY and myself just smiled politely and answered "coming coming ......"

I've already gone thru so much to ve my miracle bb, I certainly hope that God can perform another miracle on me to let me have another baby...........
Am I being greedy? Deep in my heart, I am wishing for another bb so that bb Rae won't be lonely when me and RY are not around ......
I wish but I dare not think too much about it.

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