Thursday, February 7, 2013

CNY 2013 - Year of Water Snake

This is our 2nd year of CNY with bb Rae!
This morning we departed SG at 6.30am and arrived Ipoh at 12.30pm.
The custom at both SG and MY were clear and traffic was smooth too.
We chose to come on Thursday as we fear that tomorrow being eve of CNY eve would be heavy traffic.

It's amazing that a year passes so quickly and my baby is now a toddler and a very active one.
The moment she set her foot on PIL house, she was busy walking and grabbing things within her reach to throw on the floor.
She is simply adorable and nobody reprimand her except me, her mummy.

We quickly bathed her and went out for lunch.
After lunch, we cleaned her and she is now taking her nap.

I think we should be staying in Ipoh for a week.

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